Christmas Memories

While reading this post, I thought back to this Christmas season. What memories will I hold onto? In reading the comments, I realize how ungrateful I am for the simplest things in life. I beat myself up enough that I do not need to dwell on that, but there are many great memories that I have of this Christmas season. These are in no particular order, but I do hope to treasure them always.

– The best memory, by far, is Caleb referring to our tree as “the Jesus tree”. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to make sure Jesus is our focus. One afternoon of decorating the tree while telling Caleb the story of Jesus’ birth changed a Christmas tree into the Jesus tree. After all, it is His birthday we are celebrating. The faith of a child. Amazing.

– Starting/continuing our own little family of four’s traditions. Selfishly, I choose to be home on Christmas, just us. Quality family time is one of our core values, so this naturally fits. I already mentioned in a previous post some of our traditions. My desire is for my children to look back on their childhood with fondness, and I believe traditions are a good way to do that.

– Caleb’s excitement that he was going to get presents. The few days leading up to Christmas, he kept asking when he’d get his presents.

– The sweetness of Chloe not understanding much, but knowing this will be the last year that happens.

– Watching Caleb and Chloe open their gifts on Christmas day. Pure delight.

– Brett working so hard to come up with a gift that I would love.

– Our vacation to Whistler.

– The satisfaction that I (once again, selfishly) did Christmas the way I wanted to. I only bought for Brett and my kids and did not buy the obligatory junk for family members. Thus, avoiding any debt.

– Our birthday party for Jesus.

Unlike a lot of people, our Christmas was actually very wonderful. Thankfully, we have not lost anyone dear to us recently. We are healthy, whole, and loving life. Our families are wonderful. We are truly blessed beyond words. I know every year will not be as wonderful as this one, so I hope to remember this year with such joy and gratitude that in the midst of so much heartache and hardship in the world, I have a gazillion reasons to be thankful.


3 Responses to “Christmas Memories”

  1. Meg Biram Says:

    Not getting family gifts is great! I know it can be so fun, but it gets so expensive and is unnecessary. One idea I was thinking about was doing Christmas in January (or the present part anyway). Do all your shopping at the after-Christmas sales, leave your tree up until mid-January, then celebrate! I like to leave my tree up for as long as my husband can stand it!

  2. Daneen Says:

    love this post — what a great thing to do. I think I will start looking at 2008 a little differently, too, now.
    your kiddos are absolutely beautiful, by the way. ;o)

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