God has really smiled upon me this week. To be vague to protect others, there is something that has been frustrating me for a long time. (It has nothing to do with my family or friends….it is a small, irritating thing….nothing huge). I have prayed, I have sought advice, I have basically done everything I could. A few days, I was at my wit’s end. As I said, it is not a huge deal. Anyway, I was just frustrated. I got in the car to run some errands. The old song “Move, or Move Me” came on the radio, and as silly as it sounds, it just reminded me of the kindness of God. Knowing He hears my prayers. He sees my frustration. I felt so refreshed by the words, “Lord, move in a way that you’ve never moved before.” That is what I need….God to move in a way He has never moved before…..because that is the only way things can change. The circumstances won’t. The involved party(ies) won’t. I have done everything I can do. Now, it is up to God. It just felt like a kiss from Heaven. Normally, songs do not minister to me that much, but this day, it was so awesome. I wish I could more deeply share the magnitude and excitement I felt, but it is hard when trying to be vague. So sorry.

On a totally different but still fun note….I have some cute kids stories….

The other day I walked downstairs, dressed for a date with Brett. Caleb said, “Mommy, you look so cute.” I about melted. And smiled HUGE.

Last night, Brett and I were discussing if Chloe is old enough to be in time out. Basically, she hits a lot and has not regard for the word “no”. She is so sweet and snuggly….just fiesty :). Anyway, we were talking about what to do. Next thing we know, Chloe has put herself in time out (where Caleb sits). We thought it may be a fluke and took her out. We then said, “Chloe, go to time out”. She walked over and sat in time out. Hilarious! Apparently, she is ready…..and willing.

Apparently, this is the theme of our home right now. Because twice recently, I have told Caleb it is time for naps…..and he walked upstairs, put himself in bed, and even pulled the covers over himself. So adorable.

If only parenting were always this easy.

It has been a weird week. On Monday night, I only slept for like 3 hours. (Part of the reason is the above vagueness. I also had too much Diet Coke at the movies). I woke up on Tuesday. I kid you not: our cable and internet were out. My cell phone was dead. Our DVD player shorted out and quit working. Talk about an electronic breakdown. It was so weird.

But other than those few things, it has been a really cool week. Music is touching my heart in a way I have never experienced.

If you think about it, please say a quick (or long) prayer for my sister in law. She is pregnant and due any day with my nephew-to-be. Everything is normal….please just pray for quick and easy delivery! I cannot wait to meet my nephew!!!!


2 Responses to “Whoa.”

  1. Cathi Brese Doebler Says:

    I think music can definitely do that. Often when I’m mulling over a particular challenge, I’ll hear a song on the Christian station that really makes me feel like God is sending me the answer through music. I guess it makes sense, because music is so powerful. Why wouldn’t a powerful God use a powerful tool like that?

  2. Megan Biram Says:

    I know you probably don’t believe in astrology, but it’s fun just to read about it (see link below). These types of strange things especially having to do with communication can be linked to Mercury Retrograde according to astrology. This may help explain your problems…and it’s not just you, things have been going haywire for me and several close friends of mine the past two weeks. Makes you think!


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