Spring Decluttering in January

Last night, I started decluttering.  And now I can’t stop.  I clearly have too much stuff.  Considering I have about 6 large bag fulls of stuff to give away.  

When decluttering my closet last night, I had a strict rule.  If it has not graced my body in one year, then it goes.  Even if I think I may use it in the future.  I had a lot of “maybe one day” items.  There were maybe 5 things that broke this rule.  Such as the dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner.  Or a blazer that is a good piece to own, but I just have not needed it (truthfully, though, that may go).

I also figured out that I do not need 6 swimsuits.  I may swim 6 times a year.  In the same swimsuit or two.  

I counted that I have 75 pairs of underwear.  Really?  For what?  Since there is not a hot market for used undies, those got trashed (though some of them may be brand new.  I bought Hanes once and did not like them).  

I came to the realization that the bras I wore pre-children will never fit again.  And I am ok with that.  I guess.  Those are gone.

These are all the random things I had too much of.

I also got rid of jeans that fit but just do not look cute.  I am down to about 5 pairs.  But they all are decent looking.  I do not know why I keep stuff that fits but is not flattering.  My body shape will never change (at least, not for the better), so I do not need to keep ugly jeans.  

There are lots of other things I parted with (wallets, purses–gasp!, and cosmetic bags), but I really do not need to list them all.   I am just trying to paint the picture that I own too much.   Oh, but I should say I have a large garbage bag full of shoes.  I have a hard time parting with shoes, for some reason.   

My closet and dresser look great!  And I feel very good about getting some junk out of my life.  

The only problem is that I cannot find somewhere to donate it.  I mean, I will eventually give it to Goodwill, I suppose.  But I had hoped for somewhere that gives it away for free.  Goodwill is not cheap.  I had put out some contact emails.  Hopefully, they will come back with some good news.

This was really just a random post to make myself feel good about all the work I have been doing.  Kudos to you if you read it all :).


3 Responses to “Spring Decluttering in January”

  1. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    You go, girl! I do a pretty good job of keeping my closet pared down, but I could always do better. I have the hardest time getting rid of things I bought on a whim and haven’t hard for long. Even though they don’t work, I feel so wasteful getting rid of something I’ve only had for a few months. Clearly I need to have stricter criteria for what I buy.

    And, 75 pairs!!?? Are you serious?

  2. Kelly Bell Says:

    I am the same way about goodwill. I would rather find a place that just gives it away for free. I would only want someone to pay for it if I was having a garage sale or something. I do the same thing with clothes and the one year rule…although I still hold on to some things that I just KNOW i will need in the future, haha! Of course, I never wear it and eventually get rid of it a couple years later anyways.

  3. Kris Says:

    It may not change your opinion much, but Goodwill sells the donations to earn money to support their job training and placement programs that help people who have disabilities and other barriers to work (language, learning disability, econcomic reasons, etc.) so they can lead successful lives and support their families and themselves. So hopefully you can think of it like this, when you donate a pair of jeans and they sell them for $4.99 (pretty nominal really), that money goes into programs that help people who are less fortunate but who are being trained and helped to get a job, so they can get out of the situation that would make them normally have to go and take hand-outs. Isn’t that better really? Don’t be afraid to donate to them. It’s worthwhile.

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