It has been an emotional week for me. Every little thing has made me cry. The above prayer is well spoken, in my opinion. Though I disagree with a lot of our President’s views, I cannot help but be moved by the racial barriers that were broken. And I cannot help but honor and value him as our nation’s leader. Just as with George W., it is so important to pray for our leader. Can you imagine how hard his job must be?

This is another story that had me literally bawling.

Of course, I cried watching The Biggest Loser.

And How I Met Your Mother (but that was from laughter). I love that show. The best part was the six pack called “Irish Yards Ale”, and the New Yorkers did not get it. (You have to see it, but it is funny).

I also shed a few tears realizing how quickly my children are growing. Last night, Brett was gone for a few hours. Caleb and Chloe pulled out Caleb’s little inflatable bed. They proceeded to jump on it together and laugh and laugh and laugh for a long time.
At night, we put both of their pj’s on in Caleb’s room. They both crawl into Caleb’s bed. He prays for Chloe. She lays down with him and kisses him. When Chloe is ready to go to bed, she slides off of Caleb’s bed, then either Brett or I carry her to her room. She likes to have her hair rubbed. Caleb likes to have his back rubbed.

Caleb never likes us to leave his room. He stalls as long as he can. A few days ago, he ran out of things to ask for. He finally just said, “Mommy, just stay here please. Lay down with me.”

So I cry, wondering where the time has gone. I remember sitting in Caleb’s nursery (before he was born), looking around, wondering what motherhood would be like. What would my son be like? Then, what would my daughter be like?

I have to say motherhood has exceeded my expectations in every way. I never thought I could love two little people so much. I laugh so much. They are hilarious. And snuggly. And fun.
It should be noted that I have been blessed with really great kids. They have very few behavioral problems, so they have made it a bit easier to enjoy.

When my children go to college or get married, I think you will find me in therapy. If I cannot handle them being 1 and 2, how will I handle when they actually move out?


3 Responses to “”

  1. Hope Mabry Says:

    Girl, I hear you. How on EARTH does time fly by so quickly???

  2. lucashannon Says:

    I’m with you on the emotional stuff…I cried through parts of inauguration day…I, too, cried at the Biggest Loser…and just the other day my pastor spoke of that team in his sermon and it is so touching. I can only imagine what it feels like to have kids grow up but someday I’m sure I’ll be crying about that too! 🙂

  3. claire Says:

    ok, reading what caleb said when you were putting him to bed made ME tear up! you are so blessed.

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