I Am A Nerd. I Admit It.

I believe there is a little bit of nerdiness in all of us. In my case, it is a lot. The older I get, the nerdier I realize I am.

Take today for example. I have been wanting to put up a “No Solicitors” sign for awhile. The main reason is that they are just wasting their time, and I am home alone a lot. (I heard a self defense man speak and this was a good precaution). However, I do like to support local neighbors in their fundraising efforts. If a child has the courage to come to my door, it is our policy to purchase from them. It is not the best budget option, but it is important to us.
In my nerdiness, I made my own sign…..that we welcome neighborhood kids but no one else. Additionally, I was introduced to the world of 1000 fonts, so I was even able to get a cute new font for my sign.
I am not sure which is worse: that I actually made the sign or that I thought it was fun.

I hate that I do not blog more, but for some reason, I just do not make it a priority.

I actually want to start keeping a journal. I found a journal from college and it was so fun reading my daily thoughts. The journals I want to keep are to record cool things God does in our lives and the ways He comes through for our family. We have so many cool stories. I also would love to keep a journal for my kids, but I am not sure if I could keep up with that. I may give it a try.

Caleb is such a sweet kid. He always says the cutest things. Until yesterday. He loves to watch Little Einstein’s. He said, “Mommy, June (a character) is so pretty.” I asked, “Is June or Mommy prettier,” just knowing he would say me. He said, “June. June is so pretty.” So apparently, my son prefers brunettes. Who are cartoon characters. I guess it IS cute that he thinks June is pretty, but a mom needs a compliment from time to time. I guess I will stick to getting compliments from Brett.


7 Responses to “I Am A Nerd. I Admit It.”

  1. Kelley Says:

    super cute Caleb story. okay- I also love the world of freefonts- I always always always spend hours downloading them when i get a new computer- I mean a new work computer, because I haven’t purchased a new home computer in 5 years or something. I just recently got a brand new computer in my classroom- first thing I did was set up email, second thing: download free fonts.

    by the way- I just found this blog and think you’d like reading it:
    enjoy 🙂

  2. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Too funny, both the sign and Caleb.

    Hope the sign works out. (Oh, and you are definitely cuter than June!)

  3. clairebritton Says:

    hey sarah! I’m so excited that you’re reading my blog! I started it not thinking I would care if anyone read it or not, I just wanted to do it for myself, but just knowing even a few people are reading (and commenting!) gets me really excited (nerd, yes.) ;o) and it encourages me to write more. So thank you!

    I am living in Birmingham, where I grew up. I didn’t plan to stay here for this long after college, but my husband didn’t plan to live here for long either. He’s from Florida and after completing a training program here in Birmingham he thought he’d go back, but took a job here instead. If for no other reason, God had us here to meet each other :o) and has truly blessed us. Brian is about to start the CPA exam and will complete that this summer, then the doors are wide open! I’m hoping we end back up in Florida ;o)

    I have loved “catching up” with people over the past several months through their blogs so I decided I might as well start my own…and like you, if anything, it’ll be fun to go back and read just to remember this time in my life. Ok this is a really long comment! Looking forward to reading more about your life :o)

  4. Hope Mabry Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I put a sign up on my door that says, “Baby crawl zone, please remove your shoes just inside.” I did put a smiley face on it. But yeah, big dork. I also would like to put a sign that says, “Hey, can you not be SO Scottish and ring the door bell 3-5 times in a row during NAP time??” But I figured one sign was enough.

    So funny about Caleb and June. Those cartoon charicters (oh my gosh, I can NOT for the life of me remember how to spell charicters right now, so sorry) are stiff competition.

  5. Adam Says:

    Sarah, just want to say, I’m totally shocked, bummed, amazed, and hurt that I’m not on your blogroll.


  6. Adam Says:

    Nah, I’m just playing 🙂

  7. Kristina Says:

    I think the sign is a great idea! I need to make one…. and I would totally spend too much time choosing a font for such a sign!

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