A Weekend To Remember

Disclaimer: I am writing this as a keepsake. It will be lengthy, with way too much information, and some information may seem like bragging but it is to capture the moment.

As I alluded to a few weeks back, I had a really fun weekend celebration planned for our 4 year anniversary. This is the first anniversary that I am not either pregnant or nursing…and it may be the last for awhile….so I wanted to make it count. Brett knew we were going on a date for dinner, but the rest of the weekend was an absolute surprise.

I have spent about a month preparing for this weekend. My friend, Kristina, helped me a tremendous amount to come up with fun activities. Instead of going away for the weekend, I planned a “stay-cation”. I thought it would be way more fun and less expensive to stay at home and vacation in our own city. There is so much in our area that we never do. Hotels kind of gross me out, and we never sleep well away from home. Plus, it would have been harder to pull off a surprise if packing was involved.

Thursday, Brett went to work. I had planted a box full of yummy candy with a card in his truck. My friend, Brooke, was in on this. She went to a meeting he was at, got the present out of the car, and handed it to Brett. The note basically said that there were more surprises in store for the weekend. He thought that the candy was the big surprise, so he definitely was blown away by the actual surprise.

Upon arriving home, Brett found the house empty. I was meeting my mom to drop off our kids for the weekend. There was a note to greet him, which was a clue that led him to another note, which led him to another note. I provided the information for the weekend, as well as the announcement that our children were gone until Sunday. I wrote it in poem form, to make it cuter.

Our first destination was the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City. Brett has been getting more into the creative arts, so I thought it would be fun to check it out. The museum was spectacular. The building alone was gorgeous, and the art was really cool, as well. Brett particularly liked the ancient Egyptian pieces.

After the museum, we went to dinner at Fogo De Chao. OH MY, it was delicious. It is basically an all-you-can-eat meal of quality meats and sides. Yummy yummy. I chose this restaurant because Brett ate there about 6 years ago in Atlanta and still talks about how good it is. It did not disappoint.

We left the restaurant to return home. Upon returning home, I made some excuse for Brett to go upstairs. Before leaving, while “drying my hair”, I decorated our room with rose petals and flameless candles. I wanted to give it a honeymoon feel, and Brett was surprised that I had done it.

For the rest of the evening, we relaxed and caught up on American Idol….without having to watch the baby monitor.

Today had the theme “What We Like To Watch on Television”. I made a DVD of video clues, but we actually watched it last night because Brett was too excited to wait until today. And I was also too excited to not tell him. I have barely slept for a week, so I knew I would actually sleep well if he knew.

We started the day at the Harley Davidson Factory, where we toured the factory. We are not motorcycle people, but it was really fun to see the production line. This destination represented the show “How Things Are Made”, which we enjoy watching. The robotic machines are really neat.

Our second stop for the day was thwarted. One time, Brett was watching the show “Man vs. Food” and commented how he would enjoy doing a food challenge. There is a place in KC that has a burrito food challenge. Brett was still full from the night before, so he opted out of the challenge. But he was excited that I had thought of it.

We came home for the afternoon for a nice nap. Most naps end with my kids waking me up, so it was great to sleep until I needed to get up.

This evening, we went to Comedy City for an improv show. It was hilarious. We had a great time laughing. This stop represented Comedy Central. We love to laugh together!

Tomorrow is another fun day, but a bit more relaxing. We will sleep in (woo hoo…I love to sleep in!) then go out for breakfast. After that, we have an appointment at a ministry place for a time of encouragement. It is really cool, so I am excited.

The rest of the day will be spent hanging out and enjoying our last of our stay-cation. By Sunday, we will definitely be ready to see our children. We will be refreshed and connected, and I will be ready to be a good mom again. My kids have actually had such a good week leading up to this that I was not ready for them to be gone. But getting a break is truly refreshing. I am amazed how clean my house is…..and I have not cleaned since Thursday!!

Caleb and Chloe are doing great with their Mimi and Papa. They are loving it. Chloe woke up in the middle of the night, and my dad got her. Chloe snuggled my dad for a long time, and my mom said that she stole his heart. So sweet. It seems as if they have not skipped a beat, which shows how awesome my parents are.

The weekend is not over yet, but it has been a fabulous weekend. I have loved every minute of spending time with Brett. He is amazing, and I am having the best time focusing on him. Marriage is so important to both of us. My favorite part of the weekend has been his excitement about all of the activities. It meant a lot to him that I would take the time to plan everything. I spent a considerable amount of time making the clues, typing directions to our destinations, etc. That really blessed him. Blessing him is what this weekend was about, and it was a success.

I had so many people praying for me, and God totally put all of the pieces into place. My friend said that she felt like God told her it would be a care free weekend for us, and that has so been true.

I love celebrating marriage. And it has been the best celebration!! I love being in love with my man!!


In Four Years…..

In four years…..

I have married the most amazing man God ever created.
I moved from Florida to Kansas.
I have had the two most beautiful and precious children God ever created.
(I am not biased towards my family at all).
My dreams have come true.
God has given me bigger dreams.
God has completely transformed my life.
I have made some amazing friends.
I have kept in touch with some amazing friends.
I have learned to cook. Not well but adequate.
I have learned hospitality and how to create a home.
I have figured out who God made me to be. At least for now.
I have learned that marriage has way exceeded my expectations.
I have learned that in becoming less selfish, I have experienced more fullness.
I realize that God always come through for me.
I am more in love with the man I married this day four years ago than I ever thought possible.

My life has been a whirlwind. The most incredible, fun, exciting, cool whirlwind. I would have never dreamed life could be this good. God has blessed me beyond measure.

Today, I will celebrate my 4th anniversary with the love of my life. And it is going to be a rockin’ weekend. Details to come.


Caleb has started talking really well recently. His grandparents love getting phone calls from him, because they can actually understand him and have somewhat of a conversation.

Because he is my first, I am obviously so excited about his communication skills. I see why moms think their child is so gifted. Going from barely being able to communicate to speaking clearly, singing whole songs, and having a memory of things that happened months ago in just a short amount of time is awesome!! I love hearing Caleb talk and the things he comes up with are so cute.

I wrote this on my facebook, so for those of you with that, this is a repeat.
The other day, I was driving in the car. Caleb said to me, “Chloe spit on me. Tell her to stop spitting on me, Sarah.” I died laughing. Though I will not allow my children to call me by my first name as a rule, it was so hilarious that I could not stop laughing.

Caleb, as with most children, is a master staller at night time. He exhausts all options, “Mommy, rub my back. Daddy, lay with me. Can I have more milk? I need my toy. Five more minutes.” Anything he can do to stall, he will try.
Last night took the cake and melted my heart. I was about to get up from his bed, and Caleb said, “Mommy, let’s talk.”
Ok, son, I can handle that.

But before I get too sappy that he is so grown….I mean, he will be three on Tuesday….he’s practically going to college next year…..he has decided being a baby is not so bad. All of a sudden, he is unable to walk down stairs. I have to carry him. He will stand at the top and say, “Wah, wah (fake cry), I am a baby. Carry me.”
And I do carry him. Because somedays I cannot handle he is growing up too fast.

So, for now, I am going to enjoy my “2 and a half” year old (he is NOT two), who thinks he turned three last week.

And I will also enjoy my one and a half year old because she is already talking. And that, my friends, is beyond comprehension. Wasn’t she born like last week?

I Have Issues.

In recent years, I have realized that I am a worker bee. I never actually noticed until Brett pointed it out to me. I do relax. And I enjoy relaxing. But I also love to work. Not work for pay that I am required to do; work that I enjoy and choose to do.

Which is why I completely changed Chloe’s room and our guest room today. We are talking taking apart a crib, a queen bed, a chest full of blankets, night stands, dresser, and a closet full of clothes. All while my kids were playing at my feet. The funny thing is that I love to do it. My love to work explains my constant rearranging of furniture, organizing organized things, and excessive cleaning.

Brett and I are watching TV in the basement. I got up to go check on Caleb who was crying…..and my legs are extremely heavy. So apparently, even though I love to move furniture, I am using muscles I did not know I had. Hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow.

This post really had no point, but our recorded shows are not holding my interest.

My 4th anniversary is in a week. I cannot wait!!!!!!

A Few Random Things

This is a hodgepodge of thought. Bear with me (as you do every post).

Chloe has been sick, as I mentioned. Two nights ago, she was up screaming around 11:30, so we brought her in bed with us. She was laying on me, and in the cutest voice ever said, “Mommy”. She usually calls me “Mama”, so it was extra special. Even Brett noticed and smiled. Chloe was hilarious that whole time….she kept kissing Brett….probably thinking it would keep her up longer.

On a similar note, Caleb will be 3 in a couple of weeks. Because he is so grown, he now refers to me as “Mom”. No more “Mommy”. At least for now. A few days ago, he called Daddy “Brett”. It was so funny.

They both have been doing the funniest things lately. Yesterday was finally a better day, after some long ones!! I started doing school with Caleb…in that I devote about 15 minutes to teaching him. He loves it.

And I painted a guest room. In my haste, I also painted the carpet (spilled some paint). Fortunately, we own a steam cleaner, so I was able to minimize the danger. That thing has been a great investment, especially since it was a gift :). So in a few moments, I am going to switch Chloe’s room to the newly painted room.

Have a great day!

Today. And some more things, probably.

Today was not a shining moment in my life. Chloe has been sick for 4-5 days now…..I think she may have a mild case of RSV…..that is my self-diagnosis, but she has had it before and the symptoms are similar. There is nothing they can do, so no use wasting the money to tell me that. Steam from hot showers and a humidifier seem to be helping a little. But I have not had a good night’s sleep in a few days. Typically, for things like this, Brett and I trade off…..but his schedule has been such that he has been unable to do that for various reasons.

Added to the fact Chloe is sick, I have not been sleeping, and Caleb is entering into a very independent (read: talking back a lot) stage, I left Caleb’s car seat in Brett’s car. So my plans to get out of the house to save my sanity were thwarted. My partial beaver self was not coping well with the change of plans. I do not mind change, as long as that change involved leaving the house today. My plan was to buy paint to paint our guest bedroom during my kids’ nap. I am moving Chloe to the guest bedroom and turning her room into the guest bedroom. She sleeps in the coldest room in the house, so I think its wise to move her. It has only taken having that bedroom as the nursery for 3 years for me to come to the conclusion it would be wisest for my babies to be in a warmer room.

Needless to say, I did not get the paint. And I did not get to paint. That was not the real issue. The real issue is that I was just having a rotten day. After lunch, I put my kids in bed. They did not actually sleep, but they were contained (they did sleep later, so all was not lost)….I turned on some Christian music and cleaned (we have a life group tonight at our house).

After that, my attitude was much more cheerful. I prayed hard for God to change my heart. It was just ugly. I could not see past my own frustration of not having the car seat to actually think of a new plan. I was so thankful that God did, indeed, answer my prayer. The rest of the day has gone much better. Brett came home for a brief interval before heading off to work again, so I was able to leave the house for about an hour. That also helped my spirit!

Which is good that my spirit was helped….because I found Chloe playing in a toilet that was not clean (I will leave it at that).

I am so thankful for the mercies of God. The Bible says His mercies are new every morning. But that probably has the same meaning that morning sickness has. The phrase suggests it only happens in the morning, yet we all know morning sickness is no respecter of time. And I am certain God’s mercies are new every minute. Thankfully. Because for days like today, this mama needed some mercy! God is so good to always show up, even when my hormones are wacky (I am not pregnant, just normal hormones).

Isn’t God good?


A $5 bill
81 cents
3 ponytail holders
a ticket stub from Dec. 22, 2004
a necklace
Pez candy
a hospital bracelet
one sock
a photo
5 pens

What did I find when I cleaned out the sides of my couch (like deep down, not just by the cushions)??

I was a bit excited about the $5. Who knows how long its been there? Maybe I will treat myself to a Starbucks. That’s a good thing when we live on a budget, right? In all fairness, until now, we did not have the $5, so what if it goes missing tomorrow??

Chloe is sick with a cough right now. Nothing serious, but I feel bad for her little self. It does not help that Caleb politely wakes her up every morning (before she is ready). She loves it though. It is hilarious to hear them cackling together. Caleb is so sweet and hands Chloe toys into her crib. Sometimes I let them keep playing before getting them because they have a lot of fun. Eventually, though, Caleb walks out, closes the door, and Chloe proceeds to scream. The fun ends, but Mama rescues my baby.

I have to brag on my children for a moment. I have already talked about this, but I am really proud of my children’s manners. Even Chloe says “thank you” now. Not that they are perfect or always use manners, but it is so cute to hear them say “Thank you” or “Please”. Caleb has not quite figured out the “your welcome” thing though. When I say, “your welcome,” he repeats me. It is no wonder, though, because I always say, “Thank you, Mommy” to teach him to say it.

Caleb called his grandparents and great grandparents on Brett’s side today. They were so impressed how well he can talk now. I remember thinking that same thing when my nephew would call me. I loved hearing him on the phone. One thing Elias did that Chloe does now is wave into the phone, thinking you can see them. So cute.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!!! Brett and I keep it very low key….since my birthday and our anniversary are all in this month. However, my valentine was still so sweet. He gave me a card with a handwritten note and a bag of peanut M&M’s. We got Chinese take out, which was so delicious that I am craving more. We actually celebrated yesterday, because I am too impatient to wait. Waiting for my anniversary is about to kill me. Valentine’s was so fun! I love being in love!!

I spent the night cleaning the house. I seem to be doing that a lot lately, but oh my, it was out of control messy. Most days I think I clean up during nap time (without thinking about it), but when I do not use that time to reset the house, by the time the kids are in bed, it is out of control…..like i am unable to function messy. But, I am trying to relax during their naps so that I do not run out of energy before bedtime. It is a catch-22, I suppose. I did try to clean while they were awake, but that was like 1 step forward, 4 steps back.

Have a fabulous Sunday!!!!!