Brett and I just returned from a date. Have I mentioned how much I love dates? Brett gives me lots of opportunities to have a break from my kids, but I actually do not need that as much as I love having dates with him. I am wired to be a stay at home mom (though we do not actually stay home much!), so I do not require a lot of time away from my kids to stay sane. Well, and I go to different things during the week where I have breaks. But dates…..dates I love! I love to reconnect and be a wife. I love to talk. And be served dinner. It is just so fun!

We saw a previewing of “New In Town”. It was SO cute. I loved the dad’s talk with his daughter’s first boyfriend. He said, “Remember, whatever you do to her, I will do to you.” Brett and I laughed harder than anyone else in the theater….because we both understood that Brett plans to tuck that away in his repertoire of ways to prevent our children from dating. If you like feel good movies, this is a must see (in my opinion).

Tonight, while Caleb and Chloe were with our fabulous babysitter, they were watching Little Einstein’s. They were sitting together in the chair, and Chloe fell asleep! How cute!! She has never done that before. I wish I could have been there to see it.

This weekend, I took the kids to my parents’ house for the weekend. They have a bounce house in their living room. To say my children were in heaven is probably an understatement. Caleb, especially, did not want to leave. He has two cousins that are his age (as in, they were all born within one month), so he enjoyed playing with them. It has been fun to watch them grow up together.
My mom and I also enjoyed the post-Christmas sales. Let’s just say I have some really cute boots now! It is impressive since I was chasing two toddlers around the shoe department.

My birthday is Sunday. I only say that because I love my birthday. Brett is planning our outing. It will be low key but fun! That is my style.

During the day, my children do such funny stuff. I always think I should blog about it, but then I forget about it by the time I go to write it. That makes me sad. I try to document their childhood, but I do not do near as much as I’d like. They are fun and hilarious….but a lot of the things cannot be accurately captured in writing or in photos. And too bad they stop performing when the camcorder comes on.

Oh, one cute thing…..when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were performing during half time of the Super Bowl, Caleb was performing with them. He was playing an instrument that has not even been invented yet, and it was adorable. It looked like he was dialing a phone sort of. So cute! If he does not become a musician, I will be surprised. He loves all things music. He has lots of songs memorized. “His song” is the worship song “King of Glory”. He always requests it when we get in the car. I love that. He also likes Old MacDonald and the Okey Okey (Hokey Pokey). And “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”. Yes, he calls it by that title everytime. As much as it saddens me how fast my children are growing, I love seeing new developments. Like how Caleb can remember things that happened weeks ago.

Another thing I love about parenting is how different my children are. Until he was about 2 and a 1/2, Caleb was stuck to me like glue in public. Chloe….well, she will venture off on her own and not look back. And the whole time she giggles. So cute. I love how much she giggles. Life is a game to her. I love that. I love both of their personalities so much. Different yet amazing.

This post is getting long. I have been very sentimental in recent days.


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