Gas Guzzlers Have A Perk

I drive a Chevy Tahoe. I happen to love my car. This made me love it even more. Not that I am some speed race driver (I gave that up when I had children), but it is nice to know that my car ranks 3rd in least likely to be ticketed.

In other news, my birthday is Sunday. I love my birthday. Brett has to work a lot of the day tomorrow, so I am a bit disappointed that I cannot have the “all about me” weekend I had planned. He assured me I could go shopping all day Sunday after church but before our date, but Sunday is a lazy day. Shopping would mean having to miss my nap, which I will make me tired for our date. Oh well. Life goes on. I am 26 (I can only say that a few more days), so I really should be more selfless at this juncture in my life.

This is happening right now, so I should blog about it. Chloe likes to take off my shoes and put them back on. Its quite cute. Then, when she gets sick of that, she says, “Up, mama. Up, mama.” The Little Einstein’s is not holding her attention.

We had a long but super fun day today!! We played at a huge bounce house place, took naps, then played outside for a long time. So fun. The weather was beautiful….windy but warm.

Well, I planned to write more, but my “up-girl” beckons. And she is quite important.


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