Today. And some more things, probably.

Today was not a shining moment in my life. Chloe has been sick for 4-5 days now…..I think she may have a mild case of RSV…..that is my self-diagnosis, but she has had it before and the symptoms are similar. There is nothing they can do, so no use wasting the money to tell me that. Steam from hot showers and a humidifier seem to be helping a little. But I have not had a good night’s sleep in a few days. Typically, for things like this, Brett and I trade off…..but his schedule has been such that he has been unable to do that for various reasons.

Added to the fact Chloe is sick, I have not been sleeping, and Caleb is entering into a very independent (read: talking back a lot) stage, I left Caleb’s car seat in Brett’s car. So my plans to get out of the house to save my sanity were thwarted. My partial beaver self was not coping well with the change of plans. I do not mind change, as long as that change involved leaving the house today. My plan was to buy paint to paint our guest bedroom during my kids’ nap. I am moving Chloe to the guest bedroom and turning her room into the guest bedroom. She sleeps in the coldest room in the house, so I think its wise to move her. It has only taken having that bedroom as the nursery for 3 years for me to come to the conclusion it would be wisest for my babies to be in a warmer room.

Needless to say, I did not get the paint. And I did not get to paint. That was not the real issue. The real issue is that I was just having a rotten day. After lunch, I put my kids in bed. They did not actually sleep, but they were contained (they did sleep later, so all was not lost)….I turned on some Christian music and cleaned (we have a life group tonight at our house).

After that, my attitude was much more cheerful. I prayed hard for God to change my heart. It was just ugly. I could not see past my own frustration of not having the car seat to actually think of a new plan. I was so thankful that God did, indeed, answer my prayer. The rest of the day has gone much better. Brett came home for a brief interval before heading off to work again, so I was able to leave the house for about an hour. That also helped my spirit!

Which is good that my spirit was helped….because I found Chloe playing in a toilet that was not clean (I will leave it at that).

I am so thankful for the mercies of God. The Bible says His mercies are new every morning. But that probably has the same meaning that morning sickness has. The phrase suggests it only happens in the morning, yet we all know morning sickness is no respecter of time. And I am certain God’s mercies are new every minute. Thankfully. Because for days like today, this mama needed some mercy! God is so good to always show up, even when my hormones are wacky (I am not pregnant, just normal hormones).

Isn’t God good?


One Response to “Today. And some more things, probably.”

  1. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Yes, He is so good and I loved this post! You are so right about His mercy being new every minute. Praise Him!

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