A Few Random Things

This is a hodgepodge of thought. Bear with me (as you do every post).

Chloe has been sick, as I mentioned. Two nights ago, she was up screaming around 11:30, so we brought her in bed with us. She was laying on me, and in the cutest voice ever said, “Mommy”. She usually calls me “Mama”, so it was extra special. Even Brett noticed and smiled. Chloe was hilarious that whole time….she kept kissing Brett….probably thinking it would keep her up longer.

On a similar note, Caleb will be 3 in a couple of weeks. Because he is so grown, he now refers to me as “Mom”. No more “Mommy”. At least for now. A few days ago, he called Daddy “Brett”. It was so funny.

They both have been doing the funniest things lately. Yesterday was finally a better day, after some long ones!! I started doing school with Caleb…in that I devote about 15 minutes to teaching him. He loves it.

And I painted a guest room. In my haste, I also painted the carpet (spilled some paint). Fortunately, we own a steam cleaner, so I was able to minimize the danger. That thing has been a great investment, especially since it was a gift :). So in a few moments, I am going to switch Chloe’s room to the newly painted room.

Have a great day!


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