I Have Issues.

In recent years, I have realized that I am a worker bee. I never actually noticed until Brett pointed it out to me. I do relax. And I enjoy relaxing. But I also love to work. Not work for pay that I am required to do; work that I enjoy and choose to do.

Which is why I completely changed Chloe’s room and our guest room today. We are talking taking apart a crib, a queen bed, a chest full of blankets, night stands, dresser, and a closet full of clothes. All while my kids were playing at my feet. The funny thing is that I love to do it. My love to work explains my constant rearranging of furniture, organizing organized things, and excessive cleaning.

Brett and I are watching TV in the basement. I got up to go check on Caleb who was crying…..and my legs are extremely heavy. So apparently, even though I love to move furniture, I am using muscles I did not know I had. Hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow.

This post really had no point, but our recorded shows are not holding my interest.

My 4th anniversary is in a week. I cannot wait!!!!!!


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