Caleb has started talking really well recently. His grandparents love getting phone calls from him, because they can actually understand him and have somewhat of a conversation.

Because he is my first, I am obviously so excited about his communication skills. I see why moms think their child is so gifted. Going from barely being able to communicate to speaking clearly, singing whole songs, and having a memory of things that happened months ago in just a short amount of time is awesome!! I love hearing Caleb talk and the things he comes up with are so cute.

I wrote this on my facebook, so for those of you with that, this is a repeat.
The other day, I was driving in the car. Caleb said to me, “Chloe spit on me. Tell her to stop spitting on me, Sarah.” I died laughing. Though I will not allow my children to call me by my first name as a rule, it was so hilarious that I could not stop laughing.

Caleb, as with most children, is a master staller at night time. He exhausts all options, “Mommy, rub my back. Daddy, lay with me. Can I have more milk? I need my toy. Five more minutes.” Anything he can do to stall, he will try.
Last night took the cake and melted my heart. I was about to get up from his bed, and Caleb said, “Mommy, let’s talk.”
Ok, son, I can handle that.

But before I get too sappy that he is so grown….I mean, he will be three on Tuesday….he’s practically going to college next year…..he has decided being a baby is not so bad. All of a sudden, he is unable to walk down stairs. I have to carry him. He will stand at the top and say, “Wah, wah (fake cry), I am a baby. Carry me.”
And I do carry him. Because somedays I cannot handle he is growing up too fast.

So, for now, I am going to enjoy my “2 and a half” year old (he is NOT two), who thinks he turned three last week.

And I will also enjoy my one and a half year old because she is already talking. And that, my friends, is beyond comprehension. Wasn’t she born like last week?


One Response to “Sweetness.”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Such cute stories! And I know what you mean…I can almost grasp that Caleb is growing up but Chloe being 1 1/2?!?! Oh my gosh!

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