In Four Years…..

In four years…..

I have married the most amazing man God ever created.
I moved from Florida to Kansas.
I have had the two most beautiful and precious children God ever created.
(I am not biased towards my family at all).
My dreams have come true.
God has given me bigger dreams.
God has completely transformed my life.
I have made some amazing friends.
I have kept in touch with some amazing friends.
I have learned to cook. Not well but adequate.
I have learned hospitality and how to create a home.
I have figured out who God made me to be. At least for now.
I have learned that marriage has way exceeded my expectations.
I have learned that in becoming less selfish, I have experienced more fullness.
I realize that God always come through for me.
I am more in love with the man I married this day four years ago than I ever thought possible.

My life has been a whirlwind. The most incredible, fun, exciting, cool whirlwind. I would have never dreamed life could be this good. God has blessed me beyond measure.

Today, I will celebrate my 4th anniversary with the love of my life. And it is going to be a rockin’ weekend. Details to come.


2 Responses to “In Four Years…..”

  1. clairebritton Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! hope you have the most fantastic weekend. and…although i’ve never met your children, i’m pretty sure they are some of the most precious God has created. and I am NOT just saying that! ;o)

  2. clairebritton Says:

    p.s. I’ve been meaning to tell you that the beach picture on my blog header was taken on our honeymoon in st. lucia! isn’t that where you and brett went? thought it might bring back some sweet memories :o)

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