Hodge Podge

Last week, I had a really cool experience with God. During our church life group, we basically prayed for areas we wanted an increase of God. Long story short, I focused my attention on how I had been treating my children. I was quick to get frustrated and was reacting instead of responding to them. It was ugly. Caleb had been in a testing mom mode, and Chloe had been sick mixed with a general personality that likes to be held all day (aka very fussy). Other people also prayed for me for a better attitude.

I am not even kidding when I say that I was immediately different. For the last week, I have had grace and patience with them that is only from the Lord. So much so that I was sad they were at my parents for the weekend (though I still enjoyed my time away from them). I can give glory to God because that is the only explanation. Of course, I am far from perfect, but I am different.

I could tell because yesterday would have been particularly trying, and I was fine. Thank you, Jesus.

Brett arrived home yesterday around probably 4:00. We had our life group at 6:30, then a college girls’ group at 8:30. A lot of ministry is done during the days, but we also work many nights.
Anyway, I had to leave to go get pizza around 5:45. The kids were wailing and did not want me to leave. Not sure why, as they love Daddy, but it just captured the attitudes of the day.

I am pulling out of the driveway. Caleb and Chloe are standing at the window bawling their little eyes out. The worst sight I have ever seen in my life.

When I returned home and mentioned it to Brett, he said, “If you think it looked bad from out there, you should have heard them.”

Apparently my children love the new me so much that they hate to see me leave. I kid. They actually both wanted to go with me, and I refused. So it was more of a mad cry. But it was still the worst scene ever.

Chloe has this thing where she likes to wear gloves. Often, when I go into get her after her nap, she has put her sock on her hand like a glove. It is so hilarious.
She did it in the car the other day. Caleb thought it was so funny that he did the same thing. We rode for awhile with them laughing so hard at each other’s glove-hand. It was such a tender moment.

Chloe is talking so much now. She says quite a few words really clearly. The cutest is she can say “thank you” and uses it appropriately most of the time.
Caleb is also talking so much more now. He can hold conversations with grandparents and others on the phone. Which they LOVE.

It is a glorious day outside, I think. So I am hoping Caleb gets up soon to enjoy the afternoon!! Have a good week!!!!


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