Nesting Is Not Just For Pregnant Women

I am sure you have heard of women who nest while pregnant. During those last few weeks, they do totally unnecessary necessary things in preparation for the baby. Well, I basically nest all the time. It is sort of a sickness, I think. When I suggest a home project to Brett, he just smiles, knowing that I will have the project done within the week. Unless I want his help. Which means it will maybe get done by next year.

This weekend, I do not have a lot of plans, but I do have some projects on the horizon.

– I started going through my kids toys today. I already have a big box full of stuff to give away. But I am being nice and letting them keep most things. I actually rarely buy toys, so even though they have a lot of toys, we do not have an excessive amount.

– I am going to paint my bedroom and bathroom. Brett will have to help me with the bathroom, because the ceilings are too high. He is going to be thrilled when I tell him.

– I am considering rearranging some wall decor. I need a change, but my house is not conducive to much change.  So we’ll see how that goes.

– I already cleaned out our pantry.  When I brought groceries home today, it was so easy to put them away in a nice clean space.  

I may think of some more things to do, but for now, that is my plans.  Of course, I have to do this all while my children are sleeping.  So the weekend may not be as productive as I hope.  However, I love playing with my kids, so at least it will be a fun weekend :).  

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!


One Response to “Nesting Is Not Just For Pregnant Women”

  1. Kelley Says:

    could be fun to talk to your kids about giving to kids who dont’ have anything, and let them choose some toys to give away. even if they only choose 1 or 2, it’s a good start (and you can remove more at nap time).

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