Stories I Do Not Want To Forget

Brett and I have the privilege of ministering to college students.  Two girls, in particular, and I have grown close.  They are best friends and do everything together.  I coined the term “Megily” to refer to them as a pair.  Whenever I send them a text message, they both text back with the exact same message.  Its become our little joke.  They babysit a lot for us, and my children adore them.  At nap time today, Caleb and I had the following conversation:

Caleb: Mommy, where is Emily?

Me: At home with her mommy and daddy (it is spring break).

Caleb: Where is Megan?

Me: At home with her mommy and daddy.

Caleb: Where is Emily?

Me: Where do you think Miss Emily is?

Caleb (excitedly): With Megan!!!

Even a three year old can tell a good friendship when he sees it!  


Yesterday, I went to the bank.  Next door is a Starbucks.  As I was pulling into the bank, Caleb asked, “Mommy, are you going to get some coffee?”  

Starbucks has officially brain washed my child.  The weird thing is…..I only go to Starbucks like once a month, and it is usually sans children.  


 Chloe has become violent, as of late.  On a walk yesterday, she did not want so sit in the stroller.  She was flailing about and even hit me (on purpose).  Though she is a precious angel, that girl is feisty.  

To further prove this, she takes every chance she can to get up on the kitchen table.  It is her favorite place to play.  The only problem is that she has no fear of ledges.  Fearless can be a good thing, but it makes a mama a bit nervous.  

I love my girl!!  


In other news, I am finished painting my master bedroom.  I need to do the bathroom still, but the room looks great.  It is darker than I had hoped, but I still really like it.  I think I may do the bathroom a shade lighter.  I wore myself out painting.  The hardest part was moving our furniture that I swear ways two tons.  The armoire alone about killed me.  Figuratively speaking.  

Brett has been out of town, so it is going to be a surprise for him!  Yay!  Hopefully he will like it.  He is easy to please, so he will.  He will not quite like having to help me paint the bathroom.  Looking back, I should have included in his marriage vows “I vow to help thee with any and every home improvement project, however unnecessary I deem it”.  I wrote our vows, so I could have totally slipped it in there.  Unfortunately, I did not realize how much I enjoy home projects until recently.  I actually mostly enjoyed the finished product, not really the doing it part.  


I have a cool story.  I am sure I have mentioned a million times how my friend, Melissa, is so gracious to give me tons of hand-me-downs for Chloe.  She has been the biggest blessing.  Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you as well.”  Well “all these things” is talking about food, clothing, etc. (it is mentioned in the verses preceding that one).  It has been cool to see God provide those things, as we are seeking Him. Well, last year, I really wanted to get this stroller. It is a double stroller, but much more compact that my bus double stroller.  However, it was not necessary, so I did not buy it.  Well, lo and behold, Mel called me on Thursday to see if I wanted the EXACT stroller.  I was beside myself with joy.  We have already gone on 2-3 walks, and Caleb loves the grown-up-ness of the back seat!  

Well, there is another verse that talks about reaping what you sow.  Melissa, in more than just this way, sows generously.  While hanging out on Friday, she asked if I would pray for her foot.  It had been hurting her for awhile.  After praying, she said that it was tingling (a sign of healing) and that it felt so much better.  I love that God blessed her and blessed me in the ways that meant the most to us.  I have the stroller that I have wanted for some time, and she can wear heels again.  God is so cool!!!   I love that He cares about the little details in life.


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