Some More Things I Hope To Never Forget (well, some I hope to)

Oftentimes when Caleb objects to something, he says, “Hey!” (in a cute voice)
I always reply, “Hay’s for horses.”
To which he recently replied, “No, hey’s for kids!” (in a cuter voice)

I laughed so hard that now he will often have that conversation just for fun.

At some point during the night, Chloe takes off her shirt in bed. Most mornings when she wakes up, she is topless. Fortunately, it is getting warmer, and it is quite hilarious. My body temperature is normally a degree and a half lower than the average, so I think that is why I do not get cold easily… maybe Chloe has my same body temperature.

Today I got some really cute lettering things for my walls at Hobby Lobby. I will post pictures soon, because they are just so stinkin’ cute. Anyway, while debating which one to buy, my beautiful children were playing by some yard ornaments (right beside me). As luck would have it, Chloe picked one up and dropped it (even though I said “no touch” about a million times). In shame (because of the GASP of an onlooker), I walked to the check out to pay for our ugly item. I am happy to say that Hobby Lobby did not make me buy the ugly frog Chloe broke, and it was a cool opportunity for me to share with Caleb what grace is.

This evening, Chloe had a wipe (her and Caleb both love wipes, for some reason) in her hand. I was sitting on the floor with them, and she walked over to me and wiped my nose. She has had a runny nose lately, so it was so funny to see her returning the favor.

As usual, I had more to say but am blanking right now.
Have a grand week!!!


One Response to “Some More Things I Hope To Never Forget (well, some I hope to)”

  1. Kelley Says:

    sweet stories!! ALMOST makes me ready for kids… I said ALMOST! I do love reading your stories!! Oh and I saw those letters at Hobby Lobby and want some too! Which ones did you get ?

    Thanks for sharing about how my blog comes up on google reader- I was nervous 🙂

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