They Were Only Gone A Minute

In an attempt to restore order to my disgusting house today, I cleaned dishes while my children were playing upstairs. Just about the time I was wondering what they were up to, Caleb runs up to me TOTALLY NAK*ED. I follow him upstairs to find this:



All of our beach towels completely soaked in a bathtub partway full of water.


2 Responses to “They Were Only Gone A Minute”

  1. Kelley Sawyer Says:

    That is HILARIOUS!! Oh to be inside the mind of kids and wonder how they come up with these ideas!! Love that you got to capture it in photos… I’m thinking scrapbook page for next year!!

  2. Nicole Feliciano Says:

    Awesome! I always start to worry when there is total silence. Be afraid…be very afraid of the quiet child.

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