Today Just Was Not My Day

Before I start with my frustrating day….that is not worth reading about….I have a few children stories. I adore my kids, and they have been hilarious lately.

– Brett is self-admitted a passenger seat driver. My driving terrifies him, and its no small secret. We were going to a friend’s house. There was a woman walking near the street. From the backseat, Caleb said, “Mommy, make sure you don’t hit that lady walking in the street!!!!!!!”
Brett and I about DIED laughing!!!!

– Chloe is officially running. I need to get a video because she is adorable. So girly and fast. She is also talking a lot…..she works really hard to say words (she annunciates everything). Cute, cute.

– I was listening to a podcast of Brett’s favorite preacher. I turned it off to talk to Caleb. Caleb said, “Mommy, please turn that back on.” Daddy would be so proud 🙂

Now to my venting……

Do you ever have those days that just are not your day? Today was that day. Nothing too dramatic, just a day that I was happy when it was over.

I had MOPS this morning, which was really fun. A bit stressful but mostly awesome. I gave my testimony, which I have never done before, and it went better than I expected. I had fun speaking!

Brett was supposed to come help serve….its the one meeting a year that we have men serve breakfast to the moms….but his car battery was dead. Definitely a bummer, but there were enough men to do it.

I was riding to Costco to go with Brett to get a new battery for his car. I spilled a 32 oz cup of ice cold water on my lap (it was really cold outside today). I got to go grocery shopping with soaking wet jeans.

Then, we went to AT&T to get a new phone for Brett. I called today and they said we could go ahead with an upgrade…..since our contract lapses in ONE WEEK. We have never missed a payment for four years, and after a person on the phone assured me we could get the phone for free in the store, the employee would not let us get it. According to Brett, I do not think rules apply to me. While this is true a lot of the time, but I was told it was no problem. With wet jeans and two children in a PLEASE STOP TOUCHING THAT AND THAT AND THAT in the cell phone store, it frustrated me very much.

Anyway, like I said, nothing major. Just annoying. And my mood was pretty rotten….maybe I was just tired after a busy morning? I did get a nap, but it did not help my mood much :(.

The good news is that I went to the grocery store…..which by the way, my new meal plan has been really awesome…..and had the sweetest cashier. I’ve had her before, and she is the nicest lady!! It really helped my mood to have a good conversation.


One Response to “Today Just Was Not My Day”

  1. Kelley Says:

    sorry about the rough day. i’d be frustrated too! i really think cell phone stores are created to suck you dry. i hate them. but glad the grocery store cheered you up! I always go on Mondays and so I know all the usual Monday workers- and it always makes me smile to talk to them! hopefully today will be much better

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