I talked of my new meal plan in yesterday’s blog. I thought I’d elaborate on it, because it has been so awesome.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for E-mealz.com. For $1.25/week, you go on the website and print out a 7-day meal plan and a grocery list. You have to pay for 3 months at a time, which is $15. If you use promo code DAVE, you get $2.50 off.

You choose your grocery store and meal plan. I chose Low Fat Wal-Mart. Each week, I go to their website and print my meal plan and grocery list. It has seven dinners. I look at my week and decide if we need all seven or not. If so, then I buy everything. If not, I pick my least favorite meals and mark them out. On the grocery list, its divided by sections of the store you find things, as well as the coordinating meal. For instance, if I decide not to eat meal 4, then I go to the grocery list and mark off all of meal 4’s items.

The meals feed our family of four with a lot of leftovers. Even Brett commented how much money we are saving because we have all the meals for the week, so we do not go out to eat simply for lack of food. Plus, we eat leftovers for lunch, so I do not have to buy as much lunch food.

It is widely known I dislike grocery shopping. I also dislike meal planning and cooking. This makes it so thoughtless. But the best part is that we get so much variety. Tonight’s meal is a crock pot soup with blueberry muffins for a side. I would have never thought to make muffins for a side. While I have always planned meals, its the same few meals to pick from. Whenever I would branch out and try new ones, we were sometimes pleased, sometimes disappointed. So far, we have liked everything on the meals. I mean, we have not done it that long, but so far, so good. And I can look at the meal and figure out (for the most part) if its something we even will like.

I have no affiliation with e-mealz.com and am getting nothing for this advertisement (although I am very open to it LOL). I love when people pass on helpful information, and this has been so helpful. Well worth the $15 for 3 months. Oh, one more thing. The site is created by moms, so everything is few ingredients and easy!

I chose the low fat Wal-Mart, but there are tons of different plans to choose from.

I highly recommend giving it a try, if meal planning and cooking are not your favorite things.


3 Responses to “E-Mealz”

  1. lucashannon Says:

    That website looks great! I might just have to try that. 🙂

  2. kag9780 Says:

    I think I might try it too. Now that I have a baby I am SO bad at planning meals and grocery shopping so we end up picking something up, which isnt good for my wallet or waistline! Question-if there is an item on the grocery list that is used for 2 meals, do you buy the quantity listed or double it? Like if it says Meals 1,3-1 yellow onion, is that 1 total or 1 for each meal?

  3. kag9780 Says:

    Sorry, this is Kristin Gustafson…I forgot to say that!

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