I Love My Kids

Some cute stories I hope not to forget…..but probably will if it were not for blogging…..

Today, I got the best parking spot at Costco.  I said, “Thank you, Jesus, for this parking spot.”  (With two small kids in tow, a prime spot is a huge blessing).  
Caleb excitedly said, “Yes, thank you, Jesus.  Mommy, where is Jesus?”  
I replied, “He is right here with us.”  
Caleb asked, “Oh, is that his car?” (pointing to the car next to us) 
It is a widely known fact that Caleb adores his daddy.  It’s really cute how much he imitates him.  When Brett is at work, Caleb misses him terribly.  Often, in the mornings, Caleb will ask me for a cup of coffee (Brett is the only one in our family who drinks it).  Sometimes he even offers Chloe a cup (of fictitious coffee).  A few days ago, at naptime, Caleb said, “Mommy, can I sleep with my shirt off, like Daddy does?”  My heart melts everytime he does something “just like Daddy”.  

Chloe is talking pretty good these days.  She can answer questions.  “Yes” and “no” are two of my favorite words to hear her say.  She says them so girly and cute.  When she really does not want something, she sticks out her lips and shakes her head.  It makes me laugh so hard.  

I think I have written this already, but it makes me smile every time.  
When Caleb says, “Hey”, I always reply, “Hay’s for horses.”
To which he says, “No, hay’s for kids.”
(Even writing it makes me smile).   
On a different note, Caleb has decided to wake up an hour earlier than usual.  Which to most moms is actually sleeping in, but for me, its killing me!  I even went to bed an hour earlier last night (which is a first) to compensate.  I really hope its a short term issue.  He is still napping well, but maybe he needs to cut that back?  Or I can get over it and wake up?  
The weeks are passing by so fast around here.  It is hard to believe we are almost to May.  My sweet husband will be 29 on Saturday.  He was 24 when we got married…..the time has flown by.  I really hope life slows down at some point.  I am enjoying life a lot right now, so maybe thats why it is just going too fast.  I mean, I always enjoy life, but we are in a particularly fun season of life.  
Well, have a great rest of the week!!


5 Responses to “I Love My Kids”

  1. Jen Says:

    My dad always responded to anything with “Hey” in it by saying “Straw is cheaper, grass is free. Horses eat it, why don’t we?” Over the years, it just got shortened to simply “Straw is cheaper.” To this day if you say “Hey” to my dad, he’ll probably respond with “Straw is cheaper.”

  2. Clayton Bell Says:

    Caroline has been waking up super early too! I put her to bed later tonight to see if that helps…praying it does…6:30AM is not a Holy time for me, haha!

  3. Kelly Bell Says:

    That was me before, not Clayton…oops 🙂

  4. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    So, what is “early” for you?

  5. healingrevivalist Says:

    “Hey is for kids” made me smile too. 🙂

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