Today Caleb asked me when he’ll get mountains as big as mine (you can use your imagination as to what mountains are).  

The things parenting class never told you about.  

The other thing I never learned is how to deal with a son who talks about his peeper and bootie at any given opportunity.  Or children who prefer to be naked.  Even in the front yard.  

We are a classy bunch.

Actually, my kids are quite funny.  All of the above is the absolute truth, and I really do not know what to do about it.  
Along with things that stump me, there are some awesome parenting moments.  Tonight when Brett was chasing Caleb and Chloe around the house, their squeals of delight melted my heart.  When Chloe repeats funny things Caleb says, then they both belly laugh together, and I smile.  Or when I tell Caleb he cannot have something, so he re-asks in a really sweet, charming voice (that boy may break some hearts).  I love my life!!  I am so excited to add another baby to the bunch.  (And, because so many people have asked, we are not using another C name.  The first two were coincidental, so we will not continue the trend.)  

Speaking of the new baby, both of my kids seem to be hoping for twins.  When I asked Caleb if he wanted a little brother or sister, he said, “Brothers.  You can name them Carson and Colston.”  (Those are two of his friends’ names)  Then, Chloe lifted up my shirt and said, “Babies!!!”  Let’s hope its just the wild imagination of two little kids, because, well, if I were to have twins, I would have four kids 3 and under.  Which God knows I could not handle.  And God is in control!!  I have my first OB appt on Wednesday.  Yay!!  

On a different note, I had my first garage sale this weekend.  I was ultra nervous, for some reason, but it went really well.  A lot of stuff sold.  Every large item that I really wanted out of here sold, which was great.  I made more money that I hoped for, so that was great.  

Well, I am watching a movie with Brett.  I am exhausted.  The weekend was long, but the sale was worth it!!  My house suffered tremendously, but fortunately, I got that under control. 

Have an awesome week!!!


I’m Kickin’ Butt and Taking Names

Brett briefly mentioned today that our kids have too many toys. My “I nest all 9 months of pregnancy” gene kicked in…..and I aggressively purged toys tonight. I am having my first ever garage sale on Friday (that is quickly growing more than I expected), so a lot of the stuff will be included. I am going to have a “free box”, as well, for toys that are pretty much junk but the earth-friendly part of me feels bad throwing away.

I am pretty sure I’m in over my head with the whole garage sale thing. Brett will be gone, so I am manning it myself. Well, my sweet neighbor (who is 8) plans to come over to help me (she volunteered). Hopefully, I will make some cash. I will, at least, get rid of some junk! Yay!

The toy purging was quite liberating. Our basement looks bare bones. Which is awesome. I am going to start moving my garage sale items to the garage tomorrow, and I am VERY excited about the free space in my storage room!! It is a mess from my collection of garage sale items. I will not get to park in the garage for a few days, but its worth it. I need to hide the toys, though, so my kids do not fall in love with a toy they’ve not played with in months.

With a third baby coming (sorry I am obsessing), I wonder how many baby toys to keep around. Will he/she really play with them? Or are the other kids’ toys suitable? I will wait on those, probably.

This is sort of funny. On Saturday night, I got like one hour of sleep. Every five minutes I would wake up with the completely irrational thought, “There are no good names left.” We have no clue what we’re going to name this baby….which is normal….except for we picked Caleb’s and Chloe’s names very early in my pregnancy. The problem is that we have very different taste in names, and my dream was obviously very ridiculous…..but that night, it was totally stressing me out. So weird! I am totally fine now and know we’ll find a name in time. But for some reason, that night, THERE ARE NO GOOD NAMES LEFT!!!!!!!

Did I mention how liberating giving away like 1/3 of our toys is?? I probably would have given them all away, if it weren’t for the fact I actually have kids living in this house.
To be honest, my system of toys is pretty good, so toys are not taking over my house or anything like that. We just have so many random pieces of toys that just are useless. It was nice to get rid of those sorts of toys. And it was nice to find all the pieces of certain toys and have them together again.

I am pretty tired, so I am about to head to bed. But first a funny story.

Today, I was asking Caleb a series of “Do you like _____ or ______ better?” I’d fill in the blanks with “chocolate” or “cookies”, “cars” or “balls”, etc. For some reason, I said, “Do you love Mommy or Daddy more?” (Such a stupid question, but I said it without thinking). He immediately said, “Daddy.” I laughed because thats just a horrible question to ask a child. I laughed even harder when he followed up with, “I am sorry, you just cannot be my favorite, Mommy.”

This comes as no surprise, as Caleb adores Brett. He is in such a Daddy phase right. He asks when Daddy is coming home a lot. He wants Daddy to lay with him at night. He wants to sleep without his shirt on “like Daddy”. He wants to pee pee in the big boy potty “like Daddy”. Everything is Daddy. And, as I have said before, I love it!! Is there anything more awesome than a boy in love with his Daddy?

Pregnancy, Thus Far

I mentioned I plan to milk this pregnancy for all it’s worth. So far, I am doing well. I have not felt nauseous yet, which is amazing and wonderful. I actually could enjoy pregnancy if its like this. Since I am not sick, I actually am ravenously hungry. I gain a lot of weight when I only eat for half the pregnancy, so this could be really bad (because I am HOPING that I remain not sick).

So the thing I completely forgot about pregnancy is how tired I get. I mentioned I had had a rough week with Caleb last week. When I found out I was pregnant, it made sense why I was so worn out. But, golly, I still completely forgot how exhausting a little fetus is. I know it gets better.

A third pregnancy is really interesting. I sort of thought it would have felt like “been there, done that”, but it actually feels like the first time again. The excitement. The wonder. The joy of thinking what life will be like in January. I do have a better handle on what to expect, but I am also battling fear more because I know all the “what if’s”. I was so young and dumb when I got pregnant four years ago that I did not have the compass to think of what could go wrong. Jesus is victorious and in charge, so I am not totally fearful or anything….just having to battle it more.

We are working on baby names right now. We will find out what we’re having, so it will make it easier. We cannot come up with definite names, but we have some we’re throwing around. None have stuck, though, as they did with Caleb and Chloe. We shall see. I am open to ideas :).

Here’s to hoping I stay healthy and not sick……..woo hoo!!!!!

It’s Good News

When I named this blog, it was a play on words of C and C Music Factory. Apparently, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy because….well……


Yes, we are expecting baby #3. We are so excited. It’s really interesting because we have the same level of excitement with this baby as we have had with the other two. We have never actually tried to have a baby (until this one), so it felt a little weird to actually “try” to have a baby. Fortunately, we got pregnant the first time. If you have known me for long, that makes us 3 for 3 on the baby front. I actually wondered how I would react if I was not pregnant immediately, but I guess I will not know (and I am not complaining).

So in case you are keeping track, our third baby will be born about a month before our fifth anniversary. I think I may look back at this time in our life and just wonder how in the heck we did it. But for now, it is awesome. And its our life. I am so excited!!! I keep telling Brett I am going to milk this pregnancy because I do not feel I have taken full advantage of my first two.

For the third time, I have not managed to surprise Brett with my pregnancy. I thought I was pregnant, but I could not think of a slick way to get to the store to buy a test before we went on a date. Instead, I just told him I thought I was. We got a test on the way home, but I waited until he started putting the kids to bed to take it. Chloe came downstairs to get some juice, so I gave her the (cleaned off) test and asked her to give it to Daddy. She handed it to him, but he thought she had found an old test in the trash can…..so he started to get grossed out….until he saw the two lines! Brett started cheering and laughing. He’s SO excited. I loved seeing his joy.

Life is exciting. We are eager to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl!!


I always think of really great things to blog about until I actually sit down to blog.  It’s a bit frustrating.  I have a few things floating around, so we’ll see how this ends up.

During the harsh winter, I always think “summer is not as bad as I remember”.  Then summer comes.  Actually summer has not even come.  And I remember how much I hate being hot.  And sticky.  And taking four showers a day just to not feel hot and sticky.  I am thankful for the changing seasons, but I could live without heat.  

Except for my kids love water.  And they will play in it even when they are all but getting hypothermia.  If you want to know the fastest way to get every kid on your street to your house, turn on the sprinkler and fill up the water table.  I have really cute pictures that I will upload soon of our neighbor kids hanging out.  Caleb loves playing with the big kids, and Chloe loves being mothered by two of the girls.  They take her to jump on their trampoline, and she laughs so hard.  It’s darling.  

Speaking of Chloe, she is at such an awesome stage.  She is talking (and has the cutest voice) a lot now and just laughs so much.  She responds well to instructions and is the most snuggly girl alive.  

Caleb is in a daddy phase.  He asks for Daddy all day.  If he is in trouble, he begs for Daddy.  At bedtime, he asks for Daddy.  Which is absolutely so sweet.  Except for he does not listen to me.  At all.  It’s been a frustrating few days, but hopefully things will get better.  Of course, he is still the cutest and sweetest boy.  Well, there is one problem.  He likes to pee anywhere and everywhere.  And talk about pee pee and poo poo constantly.  I have no idea how to stop him, and it’s quite gross.  Hopefully, he will outgrow it.  This too shall pass….right??  

Well, that’s an update on my life.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Me: Caleb, please quit touching Chloe.
Caleb: Her is my sister, and I touch her because I love her.

Me: Caleb, your bed is really comfy.
Caleb: Thanks, I got it at the pj (pajama) store.

My Boy Is A Mountain Climber

Caleb has bunk beds in his room.  He calls the elusive top bunk “the mountain”.  Recently, he has become quite courageous and bravely does things he never dreamed of a month ago.  One of those things is “climbing the mountain”.  I have specific rules about climbing the mountain (aka going on the top bunk).  The main one being he cannot do it when I am not in there.  He climbs up the sides because I put the latter away (so he could not climb up).  The only way to get down is to climb back down the sides, but he always jumps off part way down.  Which would be fine if there were not a toy box and night stand too close for this mama to handle.  (I can just envision the emergency room visit).  

Imagine my surprise when I go upstairs today and see him laying on the top bunk singing his favorite song “King of Glory”.  Caleb was actually quite cute, so I could not exactly correct him.  When I went back up there later, he was back on top of the mountain.  He was so proud that he had to tell Daddy.  

So I put the latter up, so at least he can safely get down.  Now Chloe can get up, too, which is my new problem. 

On a different note, we had breakfast today with our friends, Ashlie and Jordan.  I love connecting with friends.  It reminds me that relationships are among the finest things in life.  God has blessed us with so many awesome friends, and it is always a joy to reconnect!  Five years ago when I met them for the first time, they were engaged (and Brett’s only friends in KC), and Brett and I were just dating.  Crazy how fast life changes!  You have to check out Jordan’s blog…..he can make Brett laugh like no one else!!  And I love Ashlie’s blog because she blogs like me: to remember these days that pass so quickly.