My Boy Is A Mountain Climber

Caleb has bunk beds in his room.  He calls the elusive top bunk “the mountain”.  Recently, he has become quite courageous and bravely does things he never dreamed of a month ago.  One of those things is “climbing the mountain”.  I have specific rules about climbing the mountain (aka going on the top bunk).  The main one being he cannot do it when I am not in there.  He climbs up the sides because I put the latter away (so he could not climb up).  The only way to get down is to climb back down the sides, but he always jumps off part way down.  Which would be fine if there were not a toy box and night stand too close for this mama to handle.  (I can just envision the emergency room visit).  

Imagine my surprise when I go upstairs today and see him laying on the top bunk singing his favorite song “King of Glory”.  Caleb was actually quite cute, so I could not exactly correct him.  When I went back up there later, he was back on top of the mountain.  He was so proud that he had to tell Daddy.  

So I put the latter up, so at least he can safely get down.  Now Chloe can get up, too, which is my new problem. 

On a different note, we had breakfast today with our friends, Ashlie and Jordan.  I love connecting with friends.  It reminds me that relationships are among the finest things in life.  God has blessed us with so many awesome friends, and it is always a joy to reconnect!  Five years ago when I met them for the first time, they were engaged (and Brett’s only friends in KC), and Brett and I were just dating.  Crazy how fast life changes!  You have to check out Jordan’s blog…..he can make Brett laugh like no one else!!  And I love Ashlie’s blog because she blogs like me: to remember these days that pass so quickly.


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