Pregnancy, Thus Far

I mentioned I plan to milk this pregnancy for all it’s worth. So far, I am doing well. I have not felt nauseous yet, which is amazing and wonderful. I actually could enjoy pregnancy if its like this. Since I am not sick, I actually am ravenously hungry. I gain a lot of weight when I only eat for half the pregnancy, so this could be really bad (because I am HOPING that I remain not sick).

So the thing I completely forgot about pregnancy is how tired I get. I mentioned I had had a rough week with Caleb last week. When I found out I was pregnant, it made sense why I was so worn out. But, golly, I still completely forgot how exhausting a little fetus is. I know it gets better.

A third pregnancy is really interesting. I sort of thought it would have felt like “been there, done that”, but it actually feels like the first time again. The excitement. The wonder. The joy of thinking what life will be like in January. I do have a better handle on what to expect, but I am also battling fear more because I know all the “what if’s”. I was so young and dumb when I got pregnant four years ago that I did not have the compass to think of what could go wrong. Jesus is victorious and in charge, so I am not totally fearful or anything….just having to battle it more.

We are working on baby names right now. We will find out what we’re having, so it will make it easier. We cannot come up with definite names, but we have some we’re throwing around. None have stuck, though, as they did with Caleb and Chloe. We shall see. I am open to ideas :).

Here’s to hoping I stay healthy and not sick……..woo hoo!!!!!


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