I’m Kickin’ Butt and Taking Names

Brett briefly mentioned today that our kids have too many toys. My “I nest all 9 months of pregnancy” gene kicked in…..and I aggressively purged toys tonight. I am having my first ever garage sale on Friday (that is quickly growing more than I expected), so a lot of the stuff will be included. I am going to have a “free box”, as well, for toys that are pretty much junk but the earth-friendly part of me feels bad throwing away.

I am pretty sure I’m in over my head with the whole garage sale thing. Brett will be gone, so I am manning it myself. Well, my sweet neighbor (who is 8) plans to come over to help me (she volunteered). Hopefully, I will make some cash. I will, at least, get rid of some junk! Yay!

The toy purging was quite liberating. Our basement looks bare bones. Which is awesome. I am going to start moving my garage sale items to the garage tomorrow, and I am VERY excited about the free space in my storage room!! It is a mess from my collection of garage sale items. I will not get to park in the garage for a few days, but its worth it. I need to hide the toys, though, so my kids do not fall in love with a toy they’ve not played with in months.

With a third baby coming (sorry I am obsessing), I wonder how many baby toys to keep around. Will he/she really play with them? Or are the other kids’ toys suitable? I will wait on those, probably.

This is sort of funny. On Saturday night, I got like one hour of sleep. Every five minutes I would wake up with the completely irrational thought, “There are no good names left.” We have no clue what we’re going to name this baby….which is normal….except for we picked Caleb’s and Chloe’s names very early in my pregnancy. The problem is that we have very different taste in names, and my dream was obviously very ridiculous…..but that night, it was totally stressing me out. So weird! I am totally fine now and know we’ll find a name in time. But for some reason, that night, THERE ARE NO GOOD NAMES LEFT!!!!!!!

Did I mention how liberating giving away like 1/3 of our toys is?? I probably would have given them all away, if it weren’t for the fact I actually have kids living in this house.
To be honest, my system of toys is pretty good, so toys are not taking over my house or anything like that. We just have so many random pieces of toys that just are useless. It was nice to get rid of those sorts of toys. And it was nice to find all the pieces of certain toys and have them together again.

I am pretty tired, so I am about to head to bed. But first a funny story.

Today, I was asking Caleb a series of “Do you like _____ or ______ better?” I’d fill in the blanks with “chocolate” or “cookies”, “cars” or “balls”, etc. For some reason, I said, “Do you love Mommy or Daddy more?” (Such a stupid question, but I said it without thinking). He immediately said, “Daddy.” I laughed because thats just a horrible question to ask a child. I laughed even harder when he followed up with, “I am sorry, you just cannot be my favorite, Mommy.”

This comes as no surprise, as Caleb adores Brett. He is in such a Daddy phase right. He asks when Daddy is coming home a lot. He wants Daddy to lay with him at night. He wants to sleep without his shirt on “like Daddy”. He wants to pee pee in the big boy potty “like Daddy”. Everything is Daddy. And, as I have said before, I love it!! Is there anything more awesome than a boy in love with his Daddy?


2 Responses to “I’m Kickin’ Butt and Taking Names”

  1. Kirstin Says:

    That is too cute Sarah!!! Will you go with another C name? We have some friends who are having a baby girl in August and are naming her Cadence. Apparently it’s a popular name.

    Have a wonderful garage sale!!!!

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