We’ll See Where We Go

I actually have a few posts swirling around in my head.  Some I will get to, others I will not.  Here are some topics:
– Part 2 of “She Makes The Man”
– My thoughts on Jon and Kate Plus 8 (I take a different side than most, I think)
– More funny stories about my kids
– The weird feeling when a cultural icon passes away (Michael Jackson, specifically).  I do not know him, yet there is a strange sense of loss.  
– My frustration that my insurance will not allow me to get my pregnancy sickness medicine filled for a week.  It costs $17/pill, so that’s not exactly in the Williams Family budget.  

But, for now, I am going to do something on the light side.  I stole this from Shannon.  You all know I am a sucker for these.  It stems for my desire to get to know people really well–even the quirky details of life–so I figure it I do it, others will too!  

Outside my window… is darkness.  I was out there earlier, and it’s HOT!  

I am thinking… I need to be getting stuff ready for my MOPS retreat tomorrow, but I am not feeling well enough to move.  

I am thankful for… air conditioning.  How do/did people survive without it?

From the kitchen… is a jar of pickles calling my name.  Yes, this preggo woman loves pickles.  

I am wearing… my pj’s.  I just got out of the shower.  We spent the evening at a park for a church family fun night, and I was disgusting.

I am creating… life in my belly.  Well, I suppose I am not actually creating it but being a vessel of the creation.  

I am going… to bed soon.  I am tired.  

I am reading… Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I am enjoying it.  

I am hoping… my pregnancy sickness subsides soon.  

I am hearing… my baby’s heartbeat on Thursday!!!  Woo hoo!!!

Around the house… the kids are sound asleep.  Brett is not home yet.  And I am enjoying the air conditioning (have I asked how people lived without it?).

One of my favorite things… is when I ask Caleb to apologize to Chloe, she also says, “sorry”.  Then, they kiss.  But they get sad when they’re strapped in their car seats and cannot reach each other for a kiss! 

A few plans for the rest of the week… MOPS retreat tomorrow, church Sunday, birthday party Sunday evening, and hopefully some rest!!  



It has been an interesting week.  I just returned home from running errands.  I have a busy week, so I am having to be on top of things (for the first time in awhile).  I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply.  It was right by another errand, and I am a sucker for all things beauty supply-ish.  

Apparently so is Chloe.  Because she dumped TWO bottles of products out while I was browsing.  Fortunately, the sweet employee did not make us pay for the TWO bottles of products.  But I did feel obligated to buy a little more than a 99 cent brush for Chloe.  They have off-brand Pureology.  And because I love all things Pureology but actually enjoy eating, as well…..this makes me very excited.  So I bought that to make up for my daughter hurting their inventory.  I sort of have this moral dilemma if I should pay for things she breaks/ruins or not.  On the one hand, I should receive the grace.  On the other hand, I should be more watchful of my child.  

Another interesting part of the week is……a couple of nights ago when I went to check on Caleb before I went to bed, I found what appeared to be a crime scene straight from CSI.  Unfortunately, he inherited the ability to get bloody noses anywhere and everywhere from me.  God actually healed me of this problem, but apparently, my genes were not healed LOL.  I cannot know for sure how it all went down, but it appears Caleb’s nose started to bleed.  He walked around his room, making sure to cover every square inch of his room.  Then, he decided to lay down in bed.  So his room had about 87 drops of blood, and his sheets were also bloody.  Our carpet is already so disgusting that it actually is not really that big of a deal.  It needs to be replaced, but when things like this happen, it’s like “what’s the point?”  Caleb is totally fine.  I had the same issues, as I said, as a child (and adult). 

And, as for pregnancy, this is definitely my worst pregnancy so far.  I am on medicine, but there are days when it does not seem to work.  So, I spend a lot of the day hovered over the toilet.  Which is beautiful.  It definitely feels like a boy pregnancy.  Food still tastes disgusting, but if I don’t eat, I feel worse.  Ugh.  Yucky pregnancies are nothing new to me, but there is a hope that this time will be different.  It is also about this time I swear I am never having another child again.  But then I eventually feel better.  And I have a great second half of pregnancy.  I birth beautiful, awesome children (and apparently I am humble), so it’s all worth it.  

Next week, I get to hear the heartbeat.  And confirm there is just one baby in there.  I think I blogged about how many people have asked me if I think I am having twins.  With such a hard pregnancy, the thought creeps in more than normal.  I mean, on the one hand, it would be one less pregnancy.  On the other hand, I would have 4 children 3 and under.  And God knows (literally, He knows) I could not handle that!!!  

In writing all of this, it is not my intent to complain. But just like the awesome, fun days, I want to remember the days that were not so fun.  So when my children have children, I actually have recorded moments of when life was not so great.  Because it seems you have a weird way of forgetting the hard stuff, thus having unreasonable expectations.  (I always enjoy the opportunity to use the word “thus”).  

Oh, and I should mention, I do not like summer.  It’s hot.  SO hot.  Too hot to do anything but sit inside all day.  

I cannot wait til Fall.

This Post Is Dedicated To My Awesome Daughter

Chloe. Chloe. Oh my, sweet Chloe.

I have the sweetest daughter on the planet. She has a smile that can melt your heart. And the most contagious laugh. She loves to snuggle. And hug. And kiss. And kiss some more. Chloe is positively the cutest girl I have ever known.

She is also feisty. Oh my, is she feisty. My baby girl is definitely a girlie girl and loves my make-up. She crawls up on our tub, climbs onto the counter, and sits in my sink (sometimes Brett’s). Tonight, my kids were watching a cartoon to cool down from the awful summer heat while I worked on some MOPS stuff. Well, Caleb was watching. Chloe somehow snuck upstairs. Upon finding out she was indeed not watching TV, I knew something was wrong because it was too quiet upstairs. I walk upstairs to find this:
(This is after going downstairs to find my camera).
The black face is from my very-hard-to-remove mascara. It actually would have been easier to remove, but Chloe opened and dumped out my half-full bottle of eye make up remover. And bathed herself in perfume. And helped herself to my toothbrush. And who knows what else. Brett and I agreed it would have been funny to watch this all go down. She knows she’s feisty. You can see it in her eyes.

A few nights ago, around 10 pm, my sweet Chloe woke up and was calling my name. She was not crying, so I did not go check on her because if I were to check on her, putting her back to bed would have been a huge ordeal. She cries a lot, so if she’s not crying, she’s fine.
About an hour later (she went back to sleep quite fast), I went to check on her. And this is what i saw:

Buns in the air!! Hilarious. Since this night, she has taken off her diaper every night before she falls asleep. Sometimes she wets the bed. Sometimes not. She just will not keep this diaper on. When I put her to bed, I say, “Chloe keep your diaper on tonight.” She always replies, “No, off.” Hilarious.

In the interest of showing that this very feisty girl does have a very sweet side (which is the side we see often), I had to include this:
If that is not cute, I don’t know what is!

Kids are the best!!

I Should At Least Do Something While I Sit On The Couch All Day

I have some cute pictures to upload, but they are on my other computer….so it will wait for another day.  My little sister is in town visiting, so I have not had much time to myself.  She is adorable and fun, so its worth it.  My kids love having her around, and she is so helpful with them.  She put Chloe to bed tonight….it was so sweet: she read a book, put her in her crib, and said she gave her another blanket because she’s cold.  They are two girlie girls and love to be together.  

Lylia is as girly as they come.  Her favorite word is fabulous, and she loves hair, make-up, and jewelry.  We had about an hour conversation about her prom.  Which is only 10 years away, but its important to nail down the details before second grade.  She cannot decide which earrings to wear, though.  

Well, my baby girl is also as girly as they come.  While playing nail salon with Lylia, Chloe wanted in on the fun.  She sat so still while I painted her toe nails.  She LOVED it.  A lot of times when I am putting on make-up, Chloe watches me and says, “Eyes. Eyes.”  Meaning she wants me to put mascara on her eyes.  So cute.  And so girly!  

Poor Caleb.  He’s had a lot of daddy time recently, but I do feel bad he is outnumbered.  He stands his ground though and continues to talk about all things poop, pee, and booties.  We’re a classy bunch.

My kids do fight, but for the most part, they play together well.  I love watching Chloe imitate Caleb.  She adores him, and its positively the cutest thing.  A few months ago, Caleb started this thing where he holds out his arms and declares, “Gate!”  To which you have to ask him what you have to do to open the gate.  Sometimes you march.  Sometimes you tickle.  Sometimes you say please.  Once you do what he asks, the gate opens, and you can proceed.  Well, in recent weeks, Chloe is in on the fun.  She now declares, “Gate!”  She is beside herself with joy when she does it.  

Another thing Chloe just loves (which I have the most adorable picture) is to dance with Daddy.  He picks her up, sings, and they dance.  Melts. My. Heart.  And it melts hers because she cannot help but laugh laugh laugh.  I get to be married to that man!  

Well, I cannot end a post without a pregnancy update.  I throw up every single morning.  And if I stay up past 11, every single night.  Sometimes in the middle of the day.  Which most likely means I am having a boy.  Or according to some, boys.  I cannot get a feel for what I am having, so I guess I will have to wait a couple more months.  My doctor sometimes will take a guess based on the heartbeat, so thats fun!  I do not really have a preference either way.  I am just excited to have a baby!!

The Post In Which You Decide To Quit Reading

I am working on my third bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I just puked 14 minutes ago.  This phenomenon really amazes Brett.  One time, when we were first married, I took medicine but did not eat until lunchtime.  On the way to lunch, I got really sick.  I puked in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant, then I went right in and ate a delicious meal.  You see, when I throw up, I literally feel the imbalance in my stomach come up.  And I can then eat.  Freaks Brett out.  He has only puked like once in his adult life.  Which freaks me out.

Anyway to better material…..

Brett preached at church today.  During the middle of the sermon, the children walked by (and the door was open).  From the hallway, Chloe said, “Hi, Daddy.”  To which he stopped his sermon and said hi back then followed with, “You can’t not say hi to that.”  As a girl, I dreamed of marrying that kind of man.  In that moment, my heart just melted, realizing how God fulfilled my dreams above and beyond.  My heart also melted that my baby girl is big enough to notice her daddy and bold enough to talk to him in that setting.  I LOVE that.  I always want my kids to have the confidence to interrupt anything I am doing.  Not to teach that interrupting is ok, but for them to know I am always willing to listen and they are more important than anyone else in the whole world.  

Despite feeling sick as can be and tired most of the time, I am really enjoying the stage of life I am at right now.  I was thinking the other day how people often say, “Enjoy these days, they go by so quick.”  Maybe that advice has just taken root enough, but I love these days.  I love that my baby girl is still small enough to cuddle.  I love that my son is becoming such a boy, yet still really needs me.  I love that I (and Daddy, of course) who they run to when sad/hurt/etc.  I love that my son is so mad at me but wants to hug me while he throws his fit.  I love my daughter’s sweet voice.  I love that she calls her Aunt Lylia “Elias” and calls her cousin Elias “Elias”, as well.  I love that home is still their favorite place to be.  I love their innocence and that the world has not had the opportunity to knock them down.  I love that my kids adore each other.  Yes, they fight.  But they kiss, hug, and laugh even more.  

I just love this stage of life.  Do I love every moment?  No.  But I do not find myself wishing away the days (well, most days).  I do find myself wishing away pregnancy symptoms, but the overriding thankfulness for the ability to bear a child trumps that (well, most days).  I find the sickness is much easier to bear when I know the end result.  

Maybe I just am at a good place in life right now.  I know life has its ups and downs, and I suppose I am in an up.  But, golly, I love my husband.  And I love my kids.  And, most importantly, I love my Jesus.  I know He is the author of this entire life.  And I truly would not have it any other way.

Well, I could trade that time today when someone said I was already looking pregnant.  That, my friends, is just too many buffalo chicken sandwiches and french fries.  I am only 7 weeks.  Not showing yet.