The Post In Which You Decide To Quit Reading

I am working on my third bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I just puked 14 minutes ago.  This phenomenon really amazes Brett.  One time, when we were first married, I took medicine but did not eat until lunchtime.  On the way to lunch, I got really sick.  I puked in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant, then I went right in and ate a delicious meal.  You see, when I throw up, I literally feel the imbalance in my stomach come up.  And I can then eat.  Freaks Brett out.  He has only puked like once in his adult life.  Which freaks me out.

Anyway to better material…..

Brett preached at church today.  During the middle of the sermon, the children walked by (and the door was open).  From the hallway, Chloe said, “Hi, Daddy.”  To which he stopped his sermon and said hi back then followed with, “You can’t not say hi to that.”  As a girl, I dreamed of marrying that kind of man.  In that moment, my heart just melted, realizing how God fulfilled my dreams above and beyond.  My heart also melted that my baby girl is big enough to notice her daddy and bold enough to talk to him in that setting.  I LOVE that.  I always want my kids to have the confidence to interrupt anything I am doing.  Not to teach that interrupting is ok, but for them to know I am always willing to listen and they are more important than anyone else in the whole world.  

Despite feeling sick as can be and tired most of the time, I am really enjoying the stage of life I am at right now.  I was thinking the other day how people often say, “Enjoy these days, they go by so quick.”  Maybe that advice has just taken root enough, but I love these days.  I love that my baby girl is still small enough to cuddle.  I love that my son is becoming such a boy, yet still really needs me.  I love that I (and Daddy, of course) who they run to when sad/hurt/etc.  I love that my son is so mad at me but wants to hug me while he throws his fit.  I love my daughter’s sweet voice.  I love that she calls her Aunt Lylia “Elias” and calls her cousin Elias “Elias”, as well.  I love that home is still their favorite place to be.  I love their innocence and that the world has not had the opportunity to knock them down.  I love that my kids adore each other.  Yes, they fight.  But they kiss, hug, and laugh even more.  

I just love this stage of life.  Do I love every moment?  No.  But I do not find myself wishing away the days (well, most days).  I do find myself wishing away pregnancy symptoms, but the overriding thankfulness for the ability to bear a child trumps that (well, most days).  I find the sickness is much easier to bear when I know the end result.  

Maybe I just am at a good place in life right now.  I know life has its ups and downs, and I suppose I am in an up.  But, golly, I love my husband.  And I love my kids.  And, most importantly, I love my Jesus.  I know He is the author of this entire life.  And I truly would not have it any other way.

Well, I could trade that time today when someone said I was already looking pregnant.  That, my friends, is just too many buffalo chicken sandwiches and french fries.  I am only 7 weeks.  Not showing yet.


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