I Should At Least Do Something While I Sit On The Couch All Day

I have some cute pictures to upload, but they are on my other computer….so it will wait for another day.  My little sister is in town visiting, so I have not had much time to myself.  She is adorable and fun, so its worth it.  My kids love having her around, and she is so helpful with them.  She put Chloe to bed tonight….it was so sweet: she read a book, put her in her crib, and said she gave her another blanket because she’s cold.  They are two girlie girls and love to be together.  

Lylia is as girly as they come.  Her favorite word is fabulous, and she loves hair, make-up, and jewelry.  We had about an hour conversation about her prom.  Which is only 10 years away, but its important to nail down the details before second grade.  She cannot decide which earrings to wear, though.  

Well, my baby girl is also as girly as they come.  While playing nail salon with Lylia, Chloe wanted in on the fun.  She sat so still while I painted her toe nails.  She LOVED it.  A lot of times when I am putting on make-up, Chloe watches me and says, “Eyes. Eyes.”  Meaning she wants me to put mascara on her eyes.  So cute.  And so girly!  

Poor Caleb.  He’s had a lot of daddy time recently, but I do feel bad he is outnumbered.  He stands his ground though and continues to talk about all things poop, pee, and booties.  We’re a classy bunch.

My kids do fight, but for the most part, they play together well.  I love watching Chloe imitate Caleb.  She adores him, and its positively the cutest thing.  A few months ago, Caleb started this thing where he holds out his arms and declares, “Gate!”  To which you have to ask him what you have to do to open the gate.  Sometimes you march.  Sometimes you tickle.  Sometimes you say please.  Once you do what he asks, the gate opens, and you can proceed.  Well, in recent weeks, Chloe is in on the fun.  She now declares, “Gate!”  She is beside herself with joy when she does it.  

Another thing Chloe just loves (which I have the most adorable picture) is to dance with Daddy.  He picks her up, sings, and they dance.  Melts. My. Heart.  And it melts hers because she cannot help but laugh laugh laugh.  I get to be married to that man!  

Well, I cannot end a post without a pregnancy update.  I throw up every single morning.  And if I stay up past 11, every single night.  Sometimes in the middle of the day.  Which most likely means I am having a boy.  Or according to some, boys.  I cannot get a feel for what I am having, so I guess I will have to wait a couple more months.  My doctor sometimes will take a guess based on the heartbeat, so thats fun!  I do not really have a preference either way.  I am just excited to have a baby!!


One Response to “I Should At Least Do Something While I Sit On The Couch All Day”

  1. burningbushes Says:

    Sarah, thanks so much for your comment on my Simple Mom post today. Enjoyed reading your thoughts about giving in different ways. Look forward to seeing you more in days ahead.

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