This Post Is Dedicated To My Awesome Daughter

Chloe. Chloe. Oh my, sweet Chloe.

I have the sweetest daughter on the planet. She has a smile that can melt your heart. And the most contagious laugh. She loves to snuggle. And hug. And kiss. And kiss some more. Chloe is positively the cutest girl I have ever known.

She is also feisty. Oh my, is she feisty. My baby girl is definitely a girlie girl and loves my make-up. She crawls up on our tub, climbs onto the counter, and sits in my sink (sometimes Brett’s). Tonight, my kids were watching a cartoon to cool down from the awful summer heat while I worked on some MOPS stuff. Well, Caleb was watching. Chloe somehow snuck upstairs. Upon finding out she was indeed not watching TV, I knew something was wrong because it was too quiet upstairs. I walk upstairs to find this:
(This is after going downstairs to find my camera).
The black face is from my very-hard-to-remove mascara. It actually would have been easier to remove, but Chloe opened and dumped out my half-full bottle of eye make up remover. And bathed herself in perfume. And helped herself to my toothbrush. And who knows what else. Brett and I agreed it would have been funny to watch this all go down. She knows she’s feisty. You can see it in her eyes.

A few nights ago, around 10 pm, my sweet Chloe woke up and was calling my name. She was not crying, so I did not go check on her because if I were to check on her, putting her back to bed would have been a huge ordeal. She cries a lot, so if she’s not crying, she’s fine.
About an hour later (she went back to sleep quite fast), I went to check on her. And this is what i saw:

Buns in the air!! Hilarious. Since this night, she has taken off her diaper every night before she falls asleep. Sometimes she wets the bed. Sometimes not. She just will not keep this diaper on. When I put her to bed, I say, “Chloe keep your diaper on tonight.” She always replies, “No, off.” Hilarious.

In the interest of showing that this very feisty girl does have a very sweet side (which is the side we see often), I had to include this:
If that is not cute, I don’t know what is!

Kids are the best!!


7 Responses to “This Post Is Dedicated To My Awesome Daughter”

  1. Kelley Sawyer Says:

    sweet stories!! the mascara face made me laugh!

  2. Kelly Bell Says:

    I have a little feisty one too! I think most girls are just that way but they are precious too! I love the picture of her in her crib…so funny!

  3. mel Says:

    complete with pink toenails! just another girly girl – trying to be as cute as her mommy

  4. Julie Whalen Says:

    Sarah! Your pictures are hilarious! Avery’s quite feisty too! 🙂

  5. Nikki Says:

    My sister tapes her daughter’s diaper on at night with packing tape. Works like a charm.

  6. a GOOD Mom! Says:

    are you freakin kidding me!?!? you posted a bare butt pictuer of your daughter on the internet!?!?
    the Pedophiles are loving YOU right now!!!
    you are an IDIOT. THINK MOM THINK!!!

    Protect your Daughter Always!!!!!

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