It has been an interesting week.  I just returned home from running errands.  I have a busy week, so I am having to be on top of things (for the first time in awhile).  I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply.  It was right by another errand, and I am a sucker for all things beauty supply-ish.  

Apparently so is Chloe.  Because she dumped TWO bottles of products out while I was browsing.  Fortunately, the sweet employee did not make us pay for the TWO bottles of products.  But I did feel obligated to buy a little more than a 99 cent brush for Chloe.  They have off-brand Pureology.  And because I love all things Pureology but actually enjoy eating, as well…..this makes me very excited.  So I bought that to make up for my daughter hurting their inventory.  I sort of have this moral dilemma if I should pay for things she breaks/ruins or not.  On the one hand, I should receive the grace.  On the other hand, I should be more watchful of my child.  

Another interesting part of the week is……a couple of nights ago when I went to check on Caleb before I went to bed, I found what appeared to be a crime scene straight from CSI.  Unfortunately, he inherited the ability to get bloody noses anywhere and everywhere from me.  God actually healed me of this problem, but apparently, my genes were not healed LOL.  I cannot know for sure how it all went down, but it appears Caleb’s nose started to bleed.  He walked around his room, making sure to cover every square inch of his room.  Then, he decided to lay down in bed.  So his room had about 87 drops of blood, and his sheets were also bloody.  Our carpet is already so disgusting that it actually is not really that big of a deal.  It needs to be replaced, but when things like this happen, it’s like “what’s the point?”  Caleb is totally fine.  I had the same issues, as I said, as a child (and adult). 

And, as for pregnancy, this is definitely my worst pregnancy so far.  I am on medicine, but there are days when it does not seem to work.  So, I spend a lot of the day hovered over the toilet.  Which is beautiful.  It definitely feels like a boy pregnancy.  Food still tastes disgusting, but if I don’t eat, I feel worse.  Ugh.  Yucky pregnancies are nothing new to me, but there is a hope that this time will be different.  It is also about this time I swear I am never having another child again.  But then I eventually feel better.  And I have a great second half of pregnancy.  I birth beautiful, awesome children (and apparently I am humble), so it’s all worth it.  

Next week, I get to hear the heartbeat.  And confirm there is just one baby in there.  I think I blogged about how many people have asked me if I think I am having twins.  With such a hard pregnancy, the thought creeps in more than normal.  I mean, on the one hand, it would be one less pregnancy.  On the other hand, I would have 4 children 3 and under.  And God knows (literally, He knows) I could not handle that!!!  

In writing all of this, it is not my intent to complain. But just like the awesome, fun days, I want to remember the days that were not so fun.  So when my children have children, I actually have recorded moments of when life was not so great.  Because it seems you have a weird way of forgetting the hard stuff, thus having unreasonable expectations.  (I always enjoy the opportunity to use the word “thus”).  

Oh, and I should mention, I do not like summer.  It’s hot.  SO hot.  Too hot to do anything but sit inside all day.  

I cannot wait til Fall.


2 Responses to “Ahhhh…..”

  1. Ashlie Says:

    Can I just tell you how much I enjoy your writing. I love it when my blog roll has you at the top indicating you have a new post waiting for me to read. It’s very entertaining.

  2. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    I love your writing too! Your voice is so strong I feel like I can picture you saying the same words.

    Good times!

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