We’ll See Where We Go

I actually have a few posts swirling around in my head.  Some I will get to, others I will not.  Here are some topics:
– Part 2 of “She Makes The Man”
– My thoughts on Jon and Kate Plus 8 (I take a different side than most, I think)
– More funny stories about my kids
– The weird feeling when a cultural icon passes away (Michael Jackson, specifically).  I do not know him, yet there is a strange sense of loss.  
– My frustration that my insurance will not allow me to get my pregnancy sickness medicine filled for a week.  It costs $17/pill, so that’s not exactly in the Williams Family budget.  

But, for now, I am going to do something on the light side.  I stole this from Shannon.  You all know I am a sucker for these.  It stems for my desire to get to know people really well–even the quirky details of life–so I figure it I do it, others will too!  

Outside my window… is darkness.  I was out there earlier, and it’s HOT!  

I am thinking… I need to be getting stuff ready for my MOPS retreat tomorrow, but I am not feeling well enough to move.  

I am thankful for… air conditioning.  How do/did people survive without it?

From the kitchen… is a jar of pickles calling my name.  Yes, this preggo woman loves pickles.  

I am wearing… my pj’s.  I just got out of the shower.  We spent the evening at a park for a church family fun night, and I was disgusting.

I am creating… life in my belly.  Well, I suppose I am not actually creating it but being a vessel of the creation.  

I am going… to bed soon.  I am tired.  

I am reading… Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I am enjoying it.  

I am hoping… my pregnancy sickness subsides soon.  

I am hearing… my baby’s heartbeat on Thursday!!!  Woo hoo!!!

Around the house… the kids are sound asleep.  Brett is not home yet.  And I am enjoying the air conditioning (have I asked how people lived without it?).

One of my favorite things… is when I ask Caleb to apologize to Chloe, she also says, “sorry”.  Then, they kiss.  But they get sad when they’re strapped in their car seats and cannot reach each other for a kiss! 

A few plans for the rest of the week… MOPS retreat tomorrow, church Sunday, birthday party Sunday evening, and hopefully some rest!!  


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