Life Update

First of all, a big CONGRATS to my friend, Shannon, who is expecting her first baby in February!!!  I cannot wait to steal ideas on cool ways to photograph an infant (she is a rockin’ photographer!).  

Life has been crazy around here.  I, unfortunately, am still really sick.  I thought it would pass by week 16.  But my doctor took a look at my old charts and said at 17 weeks, I was still sick.  So that took some wind out of my sails.  It was quickly restored, though, when I heard my sweet baby’s heartbeat.  It’s fast: 180/bpm.  

My friend, Michaela, had a dream I was having a boy.  My mom thinks she heard from God that I am having a boy.  I originally thought I was having a girl, but it feels like a boy pregnancy.  So I am going with boy.  Until further notice.  

There are many days that I wonder if parenting is working.  Brett and I invest a lot of time into parenting our children.  The other day, I had possibly my proudest parenting moment to date.
Caleb was in my room one morning.  He got mad because I would not let him do something, and he yelled at me.  I left the room.  He yells a lot, and he just gets more frustrated if I try to do anything about it.   
About ten minutes later, he walks downstairs, comes to sit on my lap, and says in the sweetest voice, “Mommy, I am sorry I was mean to you. Will you please forgive me?”  

When I ask Caleb to forgive me (which is more often than I care to admit), he always says, “It’s ok, Mommy.”  So when I forgave him, he asked, “Is it ok, Mommy?”

Parenting works!  Go figure 🙂
Chloe went poo poo in the potty the other day!!!!  She asked to go.  We are not potty training, but I am letting her go when she asks.  I just do not have the energy to clean up messes.  Caleb is still not going poo poo in the potty (he pee pees great), so he was MAD when Chloe went.  Maybe peer pressure will work?  Nothing else seems to!  

Chloe is speaking in sentences now.  I know she is almost 2, but for some reason, it still is crazy to me that she’s talking so much.  She has the sweetest voice, so I love hearing her talk!

Another favorite moment of mine is when my kids listen to praise and worship in the car.  Their favorite song is still “King Of Glory”, and they belt it out.  Chloe even raises her arms to praise.  What a joy to watch.  You know God has to be in heaven just smiling so huge to see two little people who love Him to the best of their ability (which I think is more than we realize).  Caleb and Chloe both love to pray!  It’s darling to watch.  

Another cute but not quite that good in public thing Caleb does is lift up my shirt to see the baby!  Ever since he heard the heartbeat, he is way into my belly.

Lastly, we have started some painting.  We are painting our bathroom and Chloe’s big girl room.  I am very excited for it to be done.  Not quite as excited to actually do it.  It should go fast.  We have painted the entire interior of our house, so we are pro’s by now!

Have a happy 4th!!!!!


2 Responses to “Life Update”

  1. lucashannon Says:

    Thanks for the congrats! 🙂 I’m ready to learn a lot of things from you about this whole pregnancy thing so get ready for the questions! 🙂

    What cute stories of your kiddos…they are just too cute and sweet!

  2. karen Says:

    I’m 20 weeks today……and can’t believe I made it to the half way mark! This has been a rough pregnancy for me…the baby moves ALOT..and so, I’m constantly uncomfortable in the very least. I still get nauscious. How did you do this so many times? Bless you!!!

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