The Great Destruction of 2009

I have come to the conclusion that my children are determined to destroy my home.

We took a 10 day trip to Florida.  Apparently, 10 days of being on their best behavior means my children return home to do all that which they can to release the bottled up disobedience.

During his nap yesterday, Caleb snuck out to my room.  He took mascara and concealer to my cabinets and floor.  Later when I asked him why he did what he did, he said, “Mommy, I just really wanted to paint, and the [cabinet] door needed painting.”  Apparently the floor did too.

During his nap today, he apparently did not understand, “Do not touch anything in Mommy’s bathroom.”  He walked out of my room, reeking of toothpaste.  He squeezed half a tube of toothpaste on our carpet.  It turns out I should not have complained about my bathroom still smelling like paint, because the smell of Refreshing Vanilla Mint took care of that.  Refreshing Vanilla Mint is refreshing in small doses, but half the tube is overwhelmingly nasty.

And, Chloe, well, she is just as crazy.

She awoke from nap yesterday yelling, “Poo poo.  Poo poo.”  What she meant is, “I took off my diaper, poo poo’ed in my crib, then stepped in it.”  Gross.

Later in the day, I heard her saying, “Eyes. Eyes,” while sitting at my desk.  “Eyes” means mascara.  Knowing there’s no mascara in my desk, I was a bit nervous.  I got a lot more nervous when I discovered she was using White Out as mascara (narrowly avoiding her eye).

And, today, I vacuumed the living room because they spilled a bowl full of Goldfish.  Two minutes later, while on the phone, my children decided to open 3 containers of Crystal Light powder and spill them on the living room floor.

All in all, I would say my house is in utter destruction.

And to think I was contemplating replacing our carpet.


2 Responses to “The Great Destruction of 2009”

  1. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Oh my! Wow! That is really a lot! Very impressive. I’m hoping my kiddos don’t try to top that anytime soon.
    Feel awful that I have your steam cleaner right now!

  2. kacy Says:

    My friend Jamie had to put tape around her son’s diaper because he would always take it off! LoL!!

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