I Really Do Have A Life Outside of Children

I am zapped, so I was thinking maybe I will write a post about things that do not involve my children.  Every parent knows they are naturally the most common topic, and though I love being a mom, I actually do have somewhat of a life apart from them.  So many mom’s advise to make sure you do not neglect yourself, so I listen.  When my kids graduate and move out, I will be very sad….but my life will not be over.  I see so many parents that live so much through their kids that they are miserable once they leave home.

So a post about something other than children.  Probably not quite as entertaining.

Brett started dismantling our deck yesterday.  Three years ago, we hired a guy to build it.  We had our suspicions that it was not built right, but he told us it was how the Trex worked.  Being naive, we took him at his word.  After all, most everyone we know is honest and can be trusted.  Three years later, the thing is a law suit waiting to happen.  We got estimates to see how much it would cost to fix it.  One very honest builder said if it were him, he would scrap it.  We would basically be putting money into a sinking ship.

So, yesterday, Brett decided to tear it down.  He was able to pull down the railing with his bare hands.  No tools required.  Imagine how safe that is.  The foundation boards are not even secured properly.  It truly is a very expensive piece of junk.

I am very impressed how quickly Brett is taking it apart.  We rented a dumpster (next week) to put all the scraps in.  I may go a little crazy and throw tons of stuff away.  I am like that.

I have never been happier to see something go away in my life.  Everytime I would look at the piece of junk deck, I would get SO frustrated.  I am thankful to never have to see it again.  We learned our lesson and will be more thorough in checking references next time.  An expensive lesson, but at least no one got hurt.  And God has more than redeemed the money that was lost.

I started the post saying I have a life outside of my children.  Obviously not a very exciting one.  But the funny thing is  that I realized yesterday I am completely living my dream.  I actually am so nerdy that household projects, silly kid stories, and other silly things excite me.  I like that I stay home most Friday and Saturday nights, because I am with the people I love most in the world.

I took two 2 hour naps today.  I should not be tired AT ALL, but for some reason, I am starting to fade.  So I suppose I shall end this exciting post.


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