Life. Life. Life

I am not sure why I have been such a blog slacker lately.  It is definitely not for lack of material, though I do question how entertaining other people’s children are to the general public (and by general public, I mean all five of you).  I happen to think I have the cutest kids ever, but I think every parent thinks that……even though I am the only one who is right :).

Life has been good around here.  I am finally starting to feel better.  I occasionally get sick, but I am WAY better.  I am still SOOOOOO tired, though, and from what I hear, that does not go away when it’s your 3rd baby.  I am 18 weeks already, so I am almost halfway there!!  We find out what we’re having in a few short weeks.  My hunch is a boy, but we are great either way!

Chloe is doing great in the potty world.  She has trouble when we are away from home, but at home, she is doing fabulous.  I am glad she’s my second child and not my first….otherwise, I would be really prideful about my potty training skills.  Caleb is doing awesome with his potty issues, so we are just celebrating over here!  I am amazed how much money we save now that both kids only wear diapers at night/nap.

On to a better subject than the toilet……

Caleb has changed SO much in recent weeks.  He tends to be a more reserved child.  A few days ago, he woke up and declared (in the morning and throughout the day), “I am not afraid anymore.”  He listed things he is no longer afraid of: the ocean, big ladders, roller coasters.  And true to his word, he has been way more adventurous lately.

Caleb is starting to say some funny things.  The other day, I asked him what sound a lamb makes.  He replied, “Little lamb, little lamb.  Mary had a little lamb.”
He is also exerting more independence.  Sometimes, when he is mad, he will declare, “I AM IN CHARGE!”  He promptly resigns from being in charge when he finds out that the person in charge has to sweep the kitchen.
It is still so cute to see his imagination developing.  I love to see his little mind at work.  One thing that impresses me so much is his memory.  He can remember the most minute detail from months ago.  He’ll bring it up in casual conversation.  It amazes me.

Chloe is learning to sing.  Her favorite song is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which she asks for everytime we ride in the car.  I love hearing her cute little voice in the backseat.

Riding in the car, as any parent knows, can be the worst thing ever.  But it can also be fun.  When riding, Caleb and Chloe will do funny things together.  Often, they like to say things in unison.  They have to watch each other really close to stay on the same rhythm.  They are so adorable.

Both kids are at a really fun stage right now.  There are some bad days, of course, but they are so sweet.  I still wonder somedays how I will manage three, but I am so excited to meet the little babe!

Well, I am off to force down enjoy some dinner…..and then love this beautiful weather!!


3 Responses to “Life. Life. Life”

  1. Kelley Sawyer Says:

    just for the record, I think your kiddos are VERY entertaining!! And that you write the stories VERY well and fun to read!! And I can’t wait to hear about the 3rd one!

    And I understand a blog – rut. I’ve been there too. So glad you’re back. I was just thinking the other day “I miss Sarah’s blog, it’s been awhile.”

  2. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    You’ll do great with three!

    Your kids are very cute and blessed to have a mama who loves them so!

  3. Jen Says:

    I also love hearing about your kids! 🙂

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