Just A Little Interview

1. When you go to Wal-mart, what one thing do you get every single time, besides a funky-wheeled squeaking cart full of frustration?
Lately, a Symphony chocolate bar has been sneaking into my shopping car.

2. What is something that people are currently “into” that you just don’t get or appreciate?
Twitter.  I think it is the single most annoying thing ever.  I feel like I update on facebook too much.  Twitter is like status updates on steroids.

3.  What is something that really hoists your sail that other people might feel “ho-hum” about?
I love to rearrange furniture and organize cabinets and drawers.  I also really enjoy walking down the cleaning product aisle at stores.  The fresh smell is the best.

4.  Favorite song to sing in the shower or car?
“Open Wide” because my kids are SO cute when they sing along!

5.  A really great salad must have this ingredient:
Bleu cheese crumbles

6.  Advice in a nutshell to new bloggers (one or two sentences):
I personally like to read about people’s personal lives.  So if you want me to read yours, that’s a good route.  But if you want a large following of readers, then you have to be more entertaining but also more vague.  I blog simply to document my life, which like I said, I like when others do that, too.

7.  What was the alternate name that your parents almost named you? Do you wish they had chosen it instead of the one they gave you?
Jessica Corrine.  If I would have gone by Corrine, I would have liked it.  My name is just so popular that it annoys me.  But Jessica is popular too!

8.  What in your life are you waiting for?
To find out what gender my baby is, so we can start picking out names!

9.  You get a package in the mail. What is it, and who is it from?
Probably either oldnavy.com or amazon.com.  I like to online shop!

10.  Today–what song represents you?
Hmmm…I am not really that into music, so I do not really connect on a deep level with it.  I guess you could say “Old MacDonald Had  A Farm” because we listen to that every. single. day.

11.  What is one thing that blogging has taught you about yourself?
I am not a very private person.  And I really really wish I was a great writer.

12.  How are you going to (or how did you) choose the clothes you’re wearing today? What do they say about you in general or specifically how you’re feeling today?
Sadly, I am still in my pj’s.  Chloe’s party starts in a few hours, so I am waiting to get dressed for that!  I do not want to get my party clothes dirty!


3 Responses to “Just A Little Interview”

  1. mc Says:

    and names?!?

  2. Jen Says:

    I hear ya on #7! It doesn’t get much more common than Jennifer Ann. If I was a boy, I would’ve been Christopher, which isn’t much better.

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