Kids Say The Darndest Things

I came downstairs this morning to hear Caleb say, “Daddy, I like you. Chloe can like Mommy, and I like you.”
In fairness, Brett had just spiked his hair to match Caleb’s, per Caleb’s request. So he was pretty excited. And obviously he does not understand what he is saying, but that boy loves his Daddy.
To further prove my point, at night, Brett and I each spend a few minutes with each of our kids individually. Caleb always tells me, “You can lay on Daddy’s pillow if you want.” Nevermind that we spend equal time on that pillow.
I cannot imagine anything better than a boy whose hero is his Daddy.

Speaking of bedtime routine…..after our quite extensive bedtime routine, Chloe HATES to actually go to bed. She is 2 years old. We have been doing this thing for her entire life. Still, to this day, she will yell and cry when it’s finally bedtime. Now that she talks, it has become quite funny. She will yell random things like “Mommy, the owie (not sure how to spell owie, like an ouchie) on my hand hurts.” She has no ouchies! Or, “I bonked.” Or, “I need you.” She is so tired, though, because she does this for about 10 minutes then crashes! The girl is hilarious.

It would be safe to say that I am currently in the easiest stage of parenting so far. Yes, there are hard days, but for the most part, my kids are both in a really fun and hilarious stages of life. As siblings, they play together really well (for the most part). At dinner, they love to make Brett and me laugh. The other night Chloe asked to pray, so she did. Afterwards, Caleb said, “Amen. No, let’s say, ‘Oh, man!'”. Now everytime they pray, they end with, “Oh, man!”

Caleb has been waking up earlier lately.  I will tell him, “You cannot get up until the sun comes up.”  A few days ago, it was dreary outside, so I turned on the lights.  He kept demanding to turn the lights off.  When I finally asked him why, he said, “If you turn on the lights, then the sun will go down.  And I want the sun to stay up!”

As I mentioned, we are so fortunate to have kids that get along well.  After a meeting last week, my friend and I went to grab lunch.  Caleb rode with her (my friend’s daughter is one of Caleb’s best friends).  The whole way to lunch, Chloe kept asking, “Where’s Dig Dug (that’s our nickname for him)? Where’s Dig Dug?”

When Caleb was little, a man was praying for him.  The man told us that he felt like, among other things, Caleb would be an overseer (that it would be important for him to lead others in truth).  Though I know God has bigger plans than just for now, it totally came to fruition the other day.  I often have to tell Caleb that he is not in charge of Chloe.  Recently he replied to this with, “Mommy, it is my job to watch after Chloe.”  It is important to us to teach him to be Chloe’s protector, so I am really glad he is getting that.  (What I mean, though, is that he does not need to correct her behavior!)

Well, that is my kids!  They get funnier by the day!  I wish I would remember to record all of their stories, but of course, that would take up way too much time!
Have an awesome day!!


One Response to “Kids Say The Darndest Things”

  1. lucashannon Says:

    I know I don’t really know your kids but I still think they are just too cute. 🙂

    By the way…I passed along a blogging award to you!

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