Life is passing way too quickly.  It is so bittersweet.  Caleb and Chloe are growing and changing WAY too fast.  But, I am so tired of being pregnant that I am wishing away the next three months.

In fairness, Caleb is wishing away the next three months too.  For one, he is so obsessed with toys right now that he can hardly wait until Christmas.  And, he can hardly wait to meet his brother.  We met my sweet little nephew, Max, on Friday (who is just a few days old).  With the biggest smile ever, Caleb asked, “Do we get our baby next week?”
He told me a few days before this that he was just going to saw open my belly to get Luke out NOW!
With him saying that, I had the funny thought that, having had c-sections, it will be way easier to tell my kids where babies come from (until they are old enough to really know).  Telling them the doctor opens mommy’s belly and takes the baby out is way more in my comfort zone than the regular way babies come out!

Back to his toy obsession, Caleb literally asks me every day if we can go to the toy store.  He also wants to talk about Lego guys and look at Lego magazines.  Though his biggest desire is Star Wars Legos, he will look at a toy catalog and declare he wants everything.  Except the girly stuff.  Chloe can have that, he says.  The funniest part is that he actually enjoys the catalogs more than the toys!

Chloe is not as much into toys, except she does love her babies.  Upon meeting Max, she had to hold him!  My cousin was really impressed how well Chloe sat still to hold him.  She announces every baby we see in public: “Mommy, there’s a baby!  A baby!” Needless to say, she is so excited for her real baby.  Besides babies, she is all things girl and loves to do her hair and make-up.  She uses to hair dryer to dry her hair.  And puts on “face and eyes” (powder and mascara).  She also goes through my purse on a daily basis to find make-up, jewelry, or my wallet.  That girl is hilarious.

Caleb and Chloe are just at the funniest stages of life.  I just wish I could capture these sweet moments forever.   The timeframe of this pregnancy is similar to Caleb’s, so I often reminisce about my first pregnancy.  Life has changed dramatically since then, but I love thinking back to what I dreamed life would be like now.  In a million years, I would have never guessed it would be this amazing.  My kids’ personalities are way better than I thought possible.  Being a mom has brought more joy than I ever knew.  Sure, there are days that I do not look back on with fondness.  But, generally, life is so precious.  I feel so fortunate the dreams of my heart have come true!!

I have been thinking a lot about parenting lately.  I wonder if all parents think about their kids the way I do?  I have so much pride in my two little people.  Though they are far from perfect, they are perfect to me.  And they are the cutest kids on the planet.  Did God put something in us to make us biased towards our own kids??  I know a lot of kids that are amazing and I adore them to pieces….and I can see how their parents delight in them.  But I know some kids that are just difficult and mean….do their parents dote on them just the same?  Am I blind to my kids’ flaws?  (Believe me, they have their moments and days where their human nature is very evident, so I know they are not perfect….yet even on those days, I adore them!)  Stupid questions, I know.  But I have been thinking about this.  I have been contemplating a lot of pointless issues as of late.

Anyway, I am going nowhere good fast.  So I will go.  Have a great night!!


One Response to “Happenings”

  1. Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart Says:

    Oh, we should talk about this some time. You know I find one of my three more challenging than others, but you better believe I love that kiddo with everything that I’ve got. Despite the challenges, I think my little one is amazing and know God has big plans for that persistent munchkin.

    However, not all parents adore their kids the way you do and its a shame. Can you imagine what an awesome world this would be if all mommas loved their kids like you do?

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