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It has been quite awhile since I last blogged.  I did not intend to take a break.  I just have been so blah that I really did not want my yucky attitude to infect others.  This pregnancy has definitely been my toughest.  I only have about 8-9 weeks left, so the end is in sight!!  I am trying to soak up as much enjoyment as I can with my two kids.  I know a third baby means I will have a lot more on my plate.  Caleb and Chloe are both very excited to meet their little brother!

Amidst my blah-ness, life has been good.  My kids are changing so much.  It is so bittersweet.  Looking at old pictures of them makes me so sad how fast they are growing up, but watching them become a little boy/girl is amazing.

Caleb is becoming such a boy.  Not an old toddler but a boy.  As I have well documented, he has had trouble going #2 in the potty.  For some reason, he was just really scared to use the toilet for that occasion.  One day, he just started doing it.  And has had zero accidents since.  When I asked him what changed, he said, “Jesus helped me.  He told me, ‘Do not be afraid.'” (Wow)
And, on the same note, he stopped wearing diapers at night this week and is accident-free.  So Caleb is officially out of diapers.  Forever!  (I know this is not interesting to anyone but me, but I want to remember his journey).

Caleb is such a kind boy.  He will often come up to Brett or me, hug us, and say, “Mommy (or Daddy), I like you.”  It melts my heart!

While being awesome, Caleb is very much a boy!  Everyday during naptime, he completely destroys his room before falling asleep.  He takes out all of his clothes and rearranges his drawers.  Most everyday, he wakes up with a different outfit than he went to bed with (which makes for a mound of laundry).
And while he is generally very sweet, the other day he got really mad at me and said, “Mommy, I am going to take your teeth and mouth off of your face so you cannot talk to me anymore.”  Not quite his best moment, but one day when my future daughter-in-law accuses me of me thinking my son is perfect (because that seems to happen often), I have proof of the contrary.  I really cannot complain, though, because for one moment of meanness, he has 100 nice moments!

And Chloe is just sweet as can be!!  She brings much joy to our family.  While Caleb is more of an entertainer, Chloe is more of a snuggler….using her sweet smiles and warm hugs to melt my heart.  She would literally let me (or Brett) hold her all day!  Life is so hard for her if she is not being held!  And I just soak it up.  I know this time is short-lived, so I indulge her as much as I can (which is becoming less and less as my belly grows to epic proportions).
Chloe is such a talker!  She talks to anyone who will listen (and even herself) constantly.  It is adorable.  People are impressed by the quality of her communication.  She talked early and talks clearly.

Caleb and Chloe are both in Daddy phases right now.  Every morning, if I am the one to get Chloe out of bed, she asks, “Where’s Daddy?”  About 10 times during the day, she will ask, “Where’s Daddy?”
Caleb likes to sleep “just like Daddy”.  Which to Caleb means wearing just his boxers, but Brett actually wears athletic shorts to bed.  But even in the cold, Caleb refuses to wear a shirt to bed because Daddy doesn’t!
Brett takes each of them on a Daddy Adventure (Caleb) or Daddy Date (Chloe) once in awhile.  This week was Chloe’s first daddy-daughter date.  She is still talking about it!  They both come back from their one-on-one time with Daddy with huge smiles and so much joy!

This update is mostly for my own memory.  We were with Brett’s family last week, and they were talking about stuff my kids did this time last year. So much of it I had totally forgotten about that it made me realize that I need to keep better records!!  I always think I will remember their funny antics, but sometimes I just forget :(.

Have a great day!!  Can you believe its almost December??  WHOA!


2 Responses to “Back To Blogging”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I was starting to wonder where you had gone. 🙂 Soon enough you’ll be done with the pregnancy and I hope it all finishes out really well! So I think we’re only about 3 weeks apart…when are you due again? I’m February 13. Can’t believe how quickly it is all going by but I get more and more excited to meet this little one! I always love hearing the stories of Caleb and Chloe…so cute!

  2. Lizz W Says:

    Very fun to read. You really do have too sweet kiddos!

    Trying not be be jealous that Caleb is totally diaper free. Graham isn’t even close at night and sometimes not even at nap. Sigh!

    Glad you are soaking up this time. It really does go way too quickly!

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