I am 33 weeks pregnant.  On the home stretch!  I can hardly wait to meet my precious little guy.  I just know he is going to be the sweetest, cutest little baby!  He moves around a ton (more so than I remember with my other two), but I sense that he will be a calm baby.  I do not feel like I adequately enjoyed the baby phase with my other two kids, so I am thankful for the opportunity to really enjoy it this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy their baby stages and loved every minute of them growing and changing….but I just can tell that I am more relaxed and excited this time.  Now that I have a boy and a girl, who are growing way too fast, I feel less nervous.

Plus, my kids are besides themselves with excitement!!  Caleb keeps asking if he can just saw open my belly to take Luke out.  He really wants to show him all of his toys and introduce him into the world of all things boy!  Caleb told me tonight that when Luke is in the kitchen, he will carry him to the living room.
And Chloe is just ready for a baby of her own.  When we visit friends with babies, she always has to hold them.  They bring her much joy.  In recent days, she has been practicing changing diapers on her dolls.  At a Bible study I go to, they use gloves when changing kids’ diapers.  When Chloe was changing her baby’s diaper, she put on a glove to do it.  So cute!
When Chloe holds her baby, she likes me to hold her like a baby.  I’m “holding my baby whose holding her baby”.  It is times like that when I beg her to stay two forever.

Which, by the way, 2 year olds are way easier than 3 year olds.  I am not sure who ever invented the “terrible 2’s”, because while no age has been terrible, the 3’s have been more challenging for us.

So, anyway, back to happy memories….
Tonight I went to the grocery store in search of post-dinner treats.  Plus, its getting really cold here, so I wondered if it might snow.  With not much food in the house to speak of, I decided a trip to the grocery store was wise.
When I arrived home, Brett showed me that our kids had cleaned the entire living room by themselves.  He was doing something in the kitchen, not really paying attention to them free playing.  They asked him to, “Come see” (which Caleb does a lot….he likes to show us everything he does).  All of their toys were put away!!  Getting them to pick up toys is usually no easy task, so this really took us by surprise.  To celebrate, we gave them ice cream and let them stay up late!

I can hardly believe Christmas is less than 3 weeks away!!  I am so excited for Christmas Day!  My kids are really into it this year, so we are going to have extra fun.  Caleb often asks when I am putting the wrapped presents under the tree.  I am thinking Christmas Eve….otherwise, the temptation would just be too great for them!!  And talk about the days dragging on forever!!  Do you remember how LONG days felt as a kid??
We do fairly low key Christmases.  It is our family tradition to be in our home on Christmas Eve and Day, so its just our little family (since no family lives in town).  Though we both have awesome families, I love celebrating small!  I feel like we all enjoy it more (mostly because I am not a good traveler, so I am never at my best when away from home).  We take our time, and my kids do not feel pressured to act a certain way.  With the exception of this year (because I am too pregnant to travel), we typically visit family during the holidays.
One tradition (that I got from Brett’s mom) is to give each of my kids an ornament every year.  I always do a photo ornament and try to find something that coincides with one of their interests that year.  I am not sure if I just went too late this year or what, but I could not find anything!  I ended up buying regular ornaments and taping their pictures to them.  Definitely not very classy, and I imagine they will one day wonder what I was thinking.  But, I could not break tradition.  I bought Caleb a Star Wars ornament.  He asks almost everyday if I will buy him Star Wars Legos.  He has never even seen Star Wars, but he is really into it for some reason!  When I gave him his ornament, Chloe exclaimed (she exclaims everything!), “I want my princess one!”  How awesome because that is exactly what I got her!!  It was a proud moment to know i picked the perfect ornament.  She is really into the Disney princesses!

Well, it is after midnight.  I took a gloriously long nap today, so I am not really even tired.  But those sweet little babes of mine will be up, regardless of what time I go to bed!

Hope you have a fabulous week!!!!


One Response to “Hello.”

  1. lucashannon Says:

    Yay for the home stretch of pregnancy!

    And what a wonderful time of the year for little ones…the excitement and anticipation. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

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