Life. Life. Life.

A conversation in the car this evening went like this:
Caleb: You are poo.
Chloe: Mommy, Caleb said ‘poo’.
Brett: Let’s not talk about poo.  It’s yucky.
Caleb: It’s not yucky. You are poo.
Me: Caleb, please use nice words.
Caleb: I am using nice words.  I am talking about Tigger and Pooh.

(Nice cover up.  We laughed and laughed!)

For about the last week, my kids have been putting their arms in their shirt (taking them out of the sleeves) and saying, “I lost my arm in China.  I lost my arm in China.”  I am not sure where they got this from, but it is so funny.  Brett sometimes pretends to call China, which makes Caleb and Chloe laugh hysterically!  Fortunately, their arms always come back!

Christmas, as you may have noticed, is upon us.  I am SO excited about it.  Both of my kids are so excited.  Caleb, in particular, cannot wait!  He asks everyday when I am going to put the presents out.  Tonight, he asked where I am hiding them.  He thinks they’re in the food closet (aka pantry) because I put one of Brett’s presents in there for a few days (before moving it to my real hiding spot in the basement).
A few days ago, Caleb asked Brett if he could pick out presents for Chloe and me.  How precious is he!!  Yesterday, he told me that he was going to get me make-up (his idea).  Then, after they went shopping today, he said, “I cannot tell you what we got.”  A few minutes later he whispered, “I got you lip gloss.”  Brett steered him towards that, since it is hard to go wrong with lip gloss.  He also picked out a make-up set for Chloe, which he was very excited about!!

Receiving gifts is my love language, so Christmas is like the ultimate fulfillment.  Brett has not actually shopped for me yet, but just the thought of it makes me giddy.  I am worse than a child!

I am less than 5 weeks away from having my sweet baby boy!  I cannot wait to hold him, kiss him, and love him!!  I am also ready to be able to tie my shoes again and lean over gracefully-ish.  This pregnancy is wearing on me.  I will be thankful for it to be over.  I am also tired of being overweight.  I know that sounds funny, but I have gained close to 50 pounds.  And it has gone everywhere.  Basically, I am my normal shape (+ a belly), just ballooned.

Caleb asked me if my belly is going to keep getting fatter.  At least he asked me about my belly and not my face or arms!  LOL!
Tonight, he laid on me (like on my side) and said, “Mommy, it’s ok.  Luke is tough!”  (Because I always say, “Do not touch my belly. You may hurt Luke.”)

Have I mentioned that I would be totally fine with my kids staying this age forever??  They are just so funny and cute and cuddly.  Chloe has the sweetest voice and is just plain cute.  The way she says things makes us smile.
And Caleb is just becoming this little man.  He can dress himself now.  He actually goes through about 3 outfits a day.  After naps, he always…I mean, always….comes out with a different outfit than he went in with!

Life is good around here.  We are anxious for the next 5 weeks to pass quickly.  Life with a newborn is tiring and a lot of work.  And having 3 will be new and challenging, I am sure.  But it is always so amazing to meet your little baby.  And to not be pregnant anymore!!  I think the last few weeks of pregnancy are actually harder than the newborn phase.


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