Merry Christmas!!

It has been a very Merry Christmas at the Williams home.  I will try to post pictures later, if I get motivated!

Our festivities began last night.  While the kids took baths, the Jammie Elf stopped by for a visit and dropped off pajamas for the kids.  I actually was surprised how excited they got about their new jammies.  We put on the jammies, and Brett read the Christmas story to all of us.  It was at that point that I realized (at 8 months pregnant) that I could have been giving birth in a stinky, hot stable without an epidural, after having traveled all day.  Life is good.

After the story, we put the kids to bed.  Chloe went to bed pretty easily.  She was excited Santa was coming, but I do not think she had much of a grasp of it.  Caleb was SO excited.  He kept asking tons of questions….”why does Santa land on the roof?”….”where is his wife? the elves?”  We were unsure what our stance on Santa was.  We decided to do Santa, but we do not make a huge deal of it.  Therefore, Christmas is still magical and make-believe, but Christ is the focus of our celebration.
I think Caleb had trouble sleeping last night.  Brett and I thought back to how awesome Christmas Eve was as a kid.  I love the circle of life…..enjoying Christmas as a kid (my parents gave us awesome Christmases!) and now enjoying Christmas with my kids.  So fun.
Once the kids were safely asleep, Santa visited.  And Mrs. Claus cleaned up (pictures are forever, you know! LOL!).

Christmas Day started off perfectly, as we woke up to lots and lots and lots of snow.  A white Christmas…perfection!!

Caleb was the first awake.  We made him wait about 15 minutes for Chloe to wake up.

They came down the stairs, and the excitement ensued.
Caleb had actually found his big gift (a knight, horse, and princess, castle handed down from my nephew) a few days ago.  We had convinced him he was not getting it (just to save Christmas….Lord, forgive my white lies), though, so he was beside himself when he discovered it was for him.  He has declared no less than 10 times today, “THIS IS AWESOME!” and “I love my Christmas!”  To say he loves his castle is an understatement.

Chloe’s big gift was a vanity with make-up and hair stuff.  We bought her pretend make-up, but Caleb really wanted to buy her real make-up.  I let her play with the real stuff, but it will not go in her room!  She LOVES it.  All day, she has been doing my and Brett’s hair, as well as her baby doll’s hair.  She also has a face covered in make-up!

Those were the highlights, but here are the other gifts they received (this is for my own benefit) from family and us:

– Duplo Legos with people to go with it
– Tonka bulldozer and dump truck
– Trio building set
– Star Wars Lego’s shirt (he really wanted Star Wars Lego’s, so this was the next best thing….and no choking hazard for new baby)
– Bubble bath, boxer shorts,
– dinosaur puppets
-$30 Toys R Us gift card
– $50 savings bond
– $20 cash

– lots of make-up
– Little People set with extra Little People
– more jammies
– tights
– $30 Toys R Us gift card
– $50 savings bond
– $20 cash
(The vanity was her big gift.  Caleb’s big gift was free, so that’s why it appears he got more.)

As you probably know, receiving gifts is my love language.  So Christmas is still the best day, to me!!  I am worse than a child.  Brett is so sweet….even though gifts is probably his last love language, he works so hard to get me perfect gifts!!  I appreciate him so much because he is just so thoughtful.
Here is what he got me this year:
– a gift card to Social Suppers (this is awesome!! I will be able to get prepared meals, so when Luke arrives, I will have meals stocked in the freezer!)
– Purity face cleanser and Hope in a Jar moisturizer from Sephora (I have not used it, but I read about it on my friend Claire’s blog and have wanted it!! He got the HUGE container of face wash, so I am set for a long time! YAY)
– a diaper bag (because we all know I have a bag obsession!)
– matching plastic cups (I really wanted these but have been unable to find ones I like.  Basically, I only ever drink out of plastic cups, but all of ours were mismatched and old!  I wanted a matching set, and he found some….and they’re perfect!!)

I feel so loved!!  The thoughtfulness and effort means about as much as the gifts themselves!  I love my husband.
I also got a watch from Brett’s grandparents.  And collectively, we got $150 from his parents and other grandparents.

My sister totally surprised me this Christmas!!  She is SOOO sweet.  She sent me a pair of CUTE earrings from etsy, as well as some really awesome baby stuff….high end burp cloths, wash cloths, and swaddlers.  I have expensive taste but actually have to pay bills, so nice baby items are the best!!!  Plus, she sent me a Ju-Ju-Be pouch.  It attaches to diaper bags, strollers, etc and is way cute.  I thought she was buying stuff for other people (she sent me emails asking which prints I liked since she was buying stuff for her “friend and cousin” (which, she did buy stuff for them, too)….so I was shocked to get it all in the mail!).

My friend, Dana, also gave me such a sweet gift….a necklace engraved with all of my kids’ names.  She even included Luke.  When I saw it, I burst into happy tears.  Seeing his name made his upcoming birth such a reality, which is SO exciting!!

For Brett, he got an iPhone last month, so he just got a few small things…..2 FSU sweatshirts and a book.  And a nice set of pens from his grandparents.  He does not care about presents, but he does LOVE his iPhone.  I was not sure if it was worth the money.  It has, indeed, been worth every penny.

Because presents are the least important part of Christmas (though, actually, they really are important to me, as sad as that it)…..we actually did celebrate the birth of Christ.  We made a tres leche cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!!  So fun!!  Christ is the most important part of our lives on a daily basis, so I do not worry that Christmas is full of cookies, presents, and overall self-indulgence.  My kids are so awesome and thankful (for their age), so I like to spoil them on Christmas!!

We have been playing all day!!  And it is SO adorable seeing my kids play with all their new stuff.  They really do appreciate it all.  So, family and friends, thank you for making our holidays so special.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to travel this year, since I am having Luke in just a few weeks.  So we were unable to see family.  That’s a bummer, but since I am so miserably huge, it was nice to relax at home!!  We always stay home on Christmas Day, anyway, but usually we see family at some point.

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!!!!!!

Much love to you all……


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