Last Update Before Baby #3

Look! I have a new look!  My colors were so drab that I wanted to spruce things up a bit.
Plus, as of tomorrow, I will not longer just have the C’s, so C&C Baby Factory no longer describes our family.
We can hardly wait to welcome sweet baby Luke into our family, so I thought it would be fitting to change it here!

To say we can hardly wait is an understatement.  On a physical level, I am more than uncomfortable in this pregnancy.  I have gained about 55 pounds, which is burdensome to carry around.  And Luke is really low, so the pressure on my butt and legs is excruciating.  Sleeping comfortably is a distant memory.  Going to the bathroom 342 times a day (that is not quite literal but almost) is getting old.  Shall I go on?  I am miserable.

BUT, I take joy that I have carried full term.  For many, my annoyances would be a welcome change from the complications involved in their pregnancies.  Though I have done my fair share of complaining (and one day when the child bearing years are far gone, I want to have a memory of what it was really like….not just what years of faded memories choose to remember).

Emotionally, mentally, and all other “ally’s”, WE ARE SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED TO MEET OUR BOY!!!!!

Caleb refers to him as “Baby Luke, I mean, Big Boy Luke”.  I have a feeling Caleb will be slightly disappointed when he sees how slow (in kid years) that Luke grows and that he is unable to play with him straight from the womb.  However, Caleb has declared a few times, “Once Luke gets here, I want to stop growing and stay a kid forever!!!!!”  It is very endearing that this declaration cannot take place until Brother arrives!!
Caleb has already decided his roles are going to be to help change diapers and to put Luke in his bed.  He also has decided that now that he is big, he will be able to stay up later than Luke.  (I love what is important to children).

Chloe’s world might be pretty rocked.  She is a snuggler and loves to be held 95% of the time (ironically, except in parking lots, where she’d prefer to walk independently).  I think one part of her is going to LOVE having a real life baby to hold and love.  But there will be a part of her that will not like competing for Mommy’s affection.
Though it may be hard, she is such a baby person (real and fake) that I think she will enjoy being a little mama!

Even though all of my children have brought me great joy and delight, I am most excited about this baby phase.  With Caleb, I was too idealistic (expectations that were quickly diminished….for the good, though!) and nervous to enjoy it to the fullest.  With Chloe, she came so fast after Caleb that I did not have a ton of time to breathe.
But, this time, I am more relaxed and have older kids….to where I really think I will enjoy it way more.  I think Brett feels the same!
I am sad for it to make me truly realize how quickly my children are growing.  Seeing Caleb and Chloe become these little, independent people is fascinating and wonderful….but so painful.

I am also happy for Luke’s birth to just get it over with.  I pray a lot because I keep getting really nervous.  I think knowing when it is going to happen makes for extra nerves because it is so exact.  I do not like that.  Also, my kids have been CRAZY lately.  I think its partly knowing a new baby is coming and that life is going to change mixed with being home A LOT because I am too uncomfortable and big to go many places.  It’s hard for me to load and unload them constantly.  So, unfortunately, I have just stayed home a lot.  Also, consistent discipline has been lacking because of my tiredness.  The combination has been ugly….as they have been fighting so much.  And just acting crazy, in general.

As much as we are anticipating Luke’s arrival, life has still been hilarious around here.  I am loving the “kids say the darndest things” stage!

Here are some conversations recently:
Caleb: “Mommy, why am I white?”
Me: “Because God made you that way.”
Caleb: “Oh why? I want to be black.”

Driving in the car today…
Caleb: “Do you know what day I like the most is?”
Me: “Which one?”
Caleb: “Christmas Day”

My kids do this thing (often) that I have no idea where they got it from.  They will put their arms inside their sleeves and say, “I lost my arm in China.”  They will not pull their arms out until we call China to see where they are.

Well, next time you hear from me, I will have a new baby!!!!!!!!  (Please pray for an uneventful delivery!)


3 Responses to “Last Update Before Baby #3”

  1. lucashannon Says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see pictures of Luke! I am definitely praying for you and that everything will go smoothly. 🙂

  2. Lizz Says:

    Fun new look! Are you renaming it as well?

  3. Melissa Says:


    I left you a comment on my blog post regarding Central Park. Go check it out. You are a hard woman to track down but its probably because you are changing or burping someone….congrats!!

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