Luke Weston has arrived…

(I thought I had changed the name of my blog, but for some reason, it did not save.  Thanks, Lizz, for noticing!)

Luke Weston arrived on January 21, 2010.  (I plan to post pictures, but for some reason, photobucket is not working right now.  Most of you are probably on Facebook, anyway.)

My c-section went well.  I actually was contracting quite regularly the morning of my surgery.  I am not a huge fan of a scheduled birth, so it was cool for me to know that Luke was ready to come into this world.

Chloe’s birth had a few minor complications, so I was a little nervous going into this birth.  Prayers were answered, though, because it went much better.  Luke did get stuck, so they had to use forceps to get him out (which I did not even know happened in c-sections).  They kept saying, “His head is just so round”….but they finally got him out.  It was about the longest 45 seconds of my life, though, when I could tell something was not right.  He is totally fine, though, so it ended up being no big deal.

Birth stats: 7 lbs. 11 oz….20 inches long…head 14” (I think?)…born at 12:13 pm.

So far, Luke is amazing!  He is a dream baby!!  He sleeps well.  He eats well.  I prayed a lot for grace for this baby, because I needed it.  God is so faithful.  So far, in Luke’s first 6 days, he has made the transition to life outside the womb very nicely.  He sometimes goes a full 3 hours at night without waking up (can I get an, “AMEN!”).  I know that my confidence level, as well as my arsenal of tricks, definitely helps.  I do not freak out when he seems “off schedule”, and crying does not stress me out like it once did.  However, Luke is naturally just easy.  So, though experience helps, he is great.  I know it has only been a week, so I do not want to speak too soon.  However, even a week of an easy baby, is a huge help for me.  I am tired, but I am not totally exhausted.

Caleb and Chloe are both adjusting to him so well.  It helps they can finally have my attention.  Now that I am not pregnant, I can actually play with them again!  YAY!
Chloe loves to comfort Luke.  When he cries, she always says, “It’s ok, baby.  It’s ok,” in a very sweet voice.  When he was sleeping in his Moses basket, she read him a story.  So cute!
Caleb likes to hold Luke and just touch him, in general.  He feels very cool being the older brother!
Both kids enjoy playing with all of his baby equipment (car seat, bouncy chair, etc).  They put Chloe’s dolls in everything!

I think I can safely say we all love having Luke around!  He is so adorable!  He does not look like my other kids, so it will be interesting to see what he looks like as he grows!

And I always think its funny how big the other kids seem once you have a newborn.  Chloe and Caleb look HUGE!  Luke is so teeny, and I just love his skinny arms and legs!  I wish he would stay a newborn forever, because I love the little tiny baby stage!

With my third baby, I was a little nervous that Luke would not get the same love and attention that the other two got.  I was SO wrong.  My friends and family have completely blown me away with their love and generosity.  I have been so thankful for friends and family bringing meals, giving presents for all (its so sweet when people bring stuff for Caleb and Chloe…I have never really thought to do that!), and for loving my little boy!

The biggest gift I received was from my parents.  They are SO amazing, as I may have mentioned.  My car is big but only holds 5 people.  Obviously, we have a family of 5, but there are times when other people ride in our car.  Buying a car was not really an option for us.  Well, long story short, my dad came to the hospital on Saturday and told Brett, “I am giving my daughter a car, and I only brought you beef jerky.  Shows you how much I love you.” (I thought that was funny).   Say WHAT???!!!!
I knew they eventually were going to give me their Toyota Sequoia, but I thought it was not going to be for awhile.  (We “traded” them Brett’s truck, which, funny enough had been theirs to start with.  We have traded cars when I got married because Brett could not fit in my car.  I say “traded” because they definitely got the bad end of that deal).
The only problem is that I cannot drive (or operate heavy machinery, darn) for 2 weeks, so I am unable to actually enjoy the car!  I probably will cut that no-drive time short, because I feel so homebound.  I can RIDE, but it feels really silly to ask Brett to drive me places.  Even tomorrow, I had to plan Luke’s doctor’s appointment for when Brett could take me.  Feels so 1950s (and very spoiled, now that I think about it).

Well, this is getting long!  I just want to publicly thank my amazing friends who are bringing meals.  We have such an outpouring of love, and I could not be more grateful!!  God is so good to us. And each day, I realize more and more how gracious He is!!


3 Responses to “Luke Weston has arrived…”

  1. lucashannon Says:

    So good to hear about it all and to know that it all went so smoothly! I pray I will have the same wonderful attitude you have and that I’ll remember some of your words of wisdom about enjoying the little time we have when they are so small. I’ll keep praying that everything goes smoothly!

  2. Lizz Says:

    You got a new car!!! How fun! I think what your dad said was hilarious!

    Congrats again on little Luke. I can’t wait to meet him. I’m so glad Caleb and Chloe are adjusting so well.

  3. Kirstin Says:

    whoo hoo!!! That is hilarious about the car. You are blessed to have family do that. I don’t think it would ever cross my dads mind! Take a picture so I can drool….ha ha!!

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