Loving Life!!

Life is good at the WIlliams house.  Luke is 7 weeks old, and I am feeling so much better.  The first few weeks were wonderful, but I was definitely starting to get pretty exhausted.  However, once I got to the glorious 6 week mark, I felt much better.  Luke is in a pretty good rhythm of eating/sleeping/being awake, so that has been a huge blessing.

Caleb turned 4 last week.  I just look at him and cannot believe how quickly he has grown up.  He is an amazing little boy.  He has entered into a new phase of just loving to learn.  I love hearing him wonder about how the world works.  I cannot remember if I wrote this on Facebook or this blog, but he said the other day, “I know Jesus is in my heart.  Does he get out through my mouth or my tummy?”  Cute, cute.

Chloe is in the midst of her fabulous 2’s.  She is so so so cute.  But she definitely is testing the boundaries.  I put a toy on my desk the other day.  She got it down to play with (but I had told her not to touch it).  I said, “Chloe, why did you get that toy down?”  She responded, “Because it was up high”…..answering the question literally, rather than realizing she was not supposed to have it.

One cute phrase Chloe uses all the time is, “But I was having that.”
If Caleb picks up a toy (that she likes but has not touched the entire day), she’ll say, “But I was having that.”
Or if I eat food off her plate, “But I was having that.”
She has the cutest voice ever, so it makes it all the better!

I love my little brood of three children.  They are so sweet and lovable.  The transition has not been as hard as I expected, but Luke is not mobile or even needy (except for his most basic needs)…so that helps ease the load :).
It is weird, though, because I do not feel like I know him yet.  Obviously, Caleb is my first child, and then he was still so young when Chloe was born that I never realized that you do not really know your baby.  I love Luke and adore him so much.  But knowing how much he will change and how awesome it is to learn your child’s personality, I do not feel like I truly know him….and who he will be.  When I pray for him, God has given my glimpses of his giftings, but I do not know how he will express those yet.  I can’t wait to find out.

So, all in all, life is good!!  I am still tired a lot of the time, but I am learning to survive on less sleep than I would like.


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