The Post In Which I Ramble (What’s New?)

I have a lot of thoughts going on in my head.  So I will divulge here….

1.  I am reading The Creative Family.  I am really enjoying it but really wish I had more of a creative drive.  It actually is bringing me some inspiration.  The only problem is that I do not want to buy a whole bunch of stuff right before I move, but the creative juices are flowing and I do not want to ignore them.

2.  Moving.  AH!  It (the actual process of it) goes in waves of being very exciting and very overwhelming.  Brett is going house hunting later this month, so please pray for God to show him clearly our home.

3.  I keep having these weird fantasies that I will start loving to cook once I have a nice kitchen that overlooks our beautiful yard (in Florida).  I do not like to cook.  I am pretty sure a change of venue is not going to change that.

4.  I also fantasize that I will become a great baker once my sister gives me her Kitchen Aid mixer.  (See #3 for the reality).

5.  I read the book Steady Days.  Probably one of the best books I have read on family management.  Her heart is to empower women (not condemn them), and I could totally sense her heart.  I did not feel overwhelmed, but rather encouraged to make positive changes in my home.

6.  I have not made said positive changes because I am tired.  Really tired.  And I know I will one day sleep again.  But for now, I am doing what it takes to survive my day and enjoy my children.  (For what its worth, I also think I will be more organized when I move.  I really have no clue where these ideals are coming from.  Hopeful expectation, maybe?!  I am pretty sure I will be the exact same person in Florida as I am now.)

7.  Our house has been showing a fair amount.  I am tired of barely living in our house because we need to keep it in close-to-showing conditions.  I would like my hand soap to be on the counters and for my toothbrush to be easily accessed.  And for my kids to get to enjoy all of their toys again.  I would also like to exercise my creativity (see #1) but that is messy.

8.  I drink too much Diet Coke.  I know this, but because I am tired (see #6), I enjoy the caffeine boost.

9.  I cleaned out my dryer hose.  No wonder the thing has been drying so slow….it was really clogged.

10.  I finally figured out how to get my shower doors clean.  Scrub them with vinegar and water.

11.  My kids are hilarious.

12.  My sister sent me a new baby carrier.  I love it.  I am typing this post as Luke sleeps soundly in it.

13.  I think I may switch my diaper bag today.  I have a big purse that I am dying to use, and I think it will carry all I need it to.

14.  I am going to stop at 14 to prove to myself I am not totally OCD and do not have to stop at 10 or 15.


4 Responses to “The Post In Which I Ramble (What’s New?)”

  1. Kelly Bell Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the shower doors. It seems no cleaner will work on ours. I will have to try it. Praying that the house sells quickly and moving goes smoothly!

  2. Kristin Gustafson Says:

    I want the Beco so badly for when Eliza gets here! Is it really as good as it seems and is it worth it? I know I need a great carrier since Nora will only be 16 months and I’ll need my hands free, so if it’s a good one, I’ll totally splurge for it.

  3. lucashannon Says:

    I got The Creative Family for Christmas but haven’t read it yet. I figure 3 weeks might be a bit early for Owen to start a craft project. 🙂

    And I don’t really know why but I loved this post. Especially #14. 🙂

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