I Have A New Home

Literally, I have a new home.  In the physical sense.  And blogical sense.  (Don’t you love how you can make up words on blogs?)

Join me at my new location: imraisingworldchangers.blogspot.com

A side note: I wish I were uber creative when it comes to naming my blog.  Seems everyone has their cool trademark.  I am not creative, so I decided to figure out a way to encompass my current children with the possibility of adding another in the future.  I have noticed a trend with naming things with my current situation, then I have to change with family additions.  One day, when this family is final, I will brainstorm a quirky name.  For now, this is the best I could do.  While its very true, its a wee bit cheesy.  But I am generally cheesy, so its ok!


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