The Author of This Blog


I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. As a teen, my life was totally transformed by His message of hope. I live my life to honor and bless God. I love to love and serve God in the way He created me to. With my personality, my giftings do not get much recognition, but I love that. I prefer going unnoticed. And I enjoy encouraging others to be who God made them to be.

I am married to Brett, who is the greatest man who has ever lived since Jesus. His passion for God is incredible. His heart for the hurting is amazing. I love finding ways to make our great marriage even greater. I feel so blessed that God gave me a man who understands me, completes me, and loves the silly things about me. He is the best daddy.

We have three children, Caleb (3), Chloe (2), and Luke (infant). I am a shameless mother. I adore them and spend most of my blog bragging about them. They are hilarious and wonderful and make my days so bright (you know, unless they are whining or grumpy). WIth two young children, I am worn out most of the time, but I love being a mama.

Sometimes I think life cannot be this good. But I realize that just as Christ became my hope as a teen, He still gives hope. My life is not perfect, and I have bad days, but my perspective changes because my hope is in the One who does not disappoint.

Brett and I are in full time Christian ministry. We love sharing the life changing message of Jesus with college students and anyone else who we come in contact with.

My personality temperament is a “golden retriever/beaver”, which is indicative of my interests…..I love spending time with Brett, playing and laughing with my kids, laughing in general, hanging out with friends, serving in my MOPS group, cleaning, organizing, playing board games, photography, and making people’s days brighter (that started when my sister and I used to have “practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty” days).

Welcome to my blog. I mostly blog to keep a record of my life, in a format that works for me. I write things that are not all that interesting to the general public, but I want to remember forever. I actually do print off my blogs.


One Response to “The Author of This Blog”

  1. elizabethk Says:

    Oh, you are adorable! I love your list of 100 things. I totally am the same way, as I believe your 38 – about if doing laundry or garbage, EVERY piece has to be accounted for. If I find something after – I am really bummed. LOL. Your son is such a cutie, I have 3 boys.

    I have a beautiful niece (now a nurse!) named Chloe (your’s is a doll!) – without the accent. 😀

    I came to read for WWFMW – and will be back.

    God bless!

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