But I Don’t Do Windows

It is a well documented fact that I am obsessed like to clean.  It is also a sad fact.  Cleaning is not exactly one of those things you like to list as your hobby.  Nonetheless, there are few things (but there ARE things!) more satisfying in life than a sparkling house or car.   Today, my xanga readers, my house is so immaculate that you could eat off the floor.  But please dont.  Because I am also weird about germs (but not as OCD as I am about tidiness).  Especially about carpet.  I just pretend that my carpet is actually really sanitary.

Please, dont get me wrong.  My house is not typically as clean as my little weirdness would like.  And I do not want to create an environment where no one feels welcome.  So I do let things slide (especially the windows….I only clean those once a year!  I hate doing windows.)

But I did realize twice this week that I have a problem.  My sister called and asked what I was doing.  My response: daydreaming about cleaning a really gross place.  Sadness.  Then, in conversation again with my sister, we were discussing a friend of ours from childhood.  And my sister said, “Well, at least you arent as OCD as her mom is.”  Which implies there is some degree of a problem. 

There is a little snipit into my life.  As if you werent already aware of my issues.

But, for this brief moment of time that my house is sparkling.  I will enjoy it.  Until the great destroyer (aka Caleb) decides its time to empty every drawer, cabinet, and basket in the house!


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